2014 Band List.

Once again, we are obtaining licenses from various bands so we can create authorized band merchandise.  This merch is sold through Club Gothika. All licenses are written, and on file.

*A note – our licenses are exactly that. Ours. If you want to create band merch of any type for World Goth Fair, you must have a written license and it must be shown to the org team so that we can confirm it. We don’t mess around about this. Seriously.


Antigen Shift
Angels of Liberty
Assemblage 23
Bella Morte
Calling All Astronauts
Carnival Star
The Cruxshadows
Die Sektor
The Eden House
Everything Goes Cold
Faces of Sarah
God Module
The Gothsicles
Grooving in Green
The Last Cry
The Last Dance
The March Violets
The Mekano Set
New Zero God
Panic Lift
Pretentious, Moi?
Skeletal Family
Strap-On Halo
You Shriek


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