So, about world goth day.

We’re starting a little early this year.  But hey! More music for all of us.  Get ready to get your goth on.WGDposter Have a poster.


Load in has begun!

Blogger review copy boxes went out last night, and as of now Cursed is locked down and open for load in for WGF 2015. The landmark for merchants is in notices. Bloggers, as always, as welcome to come by any time. Please be aware of two things:

1. Decor will be added and moved around over the next few days.

2. Be sure to check your booth at SIM windlight. I promise it’s darker than your work windlight, and you have to remember to turn your vendors on.

Also, very important, remember NO NETWORKED VENDORS.  Don’t be that guy.  I will be alt hopping as I am still VERY behind on my own store stuff, so if you don’t see my main on, poke your head into group chat. Im probably on, on an alt. If it’s a build question though, please ask Lokii. I don’t even know where my own booths are. Loks is the only one who knows where things are right now.

WGF: Merchant info update.

Logos have been turned over to Lokii and she should be ready for merchants to begin loading in tomorrow night. Please expect decor and other random things to continue to be loaded in as we get closer to opening, but everyone should be able to begin to load in beginning tomorrow night AFTER I have given the all clear and locked down the sim.

Blogger review copy boxes will also go out tomorrow night, LATE. I lost *all* of last week due to being super sick and so Im trying to get three stores ready for the event on top of the admin load. I can’t start working on those until tomorrow night. I’ll work on the map after I finish the blogger box.  Expect the box to go out in a group notice. It’s the same box for all merchants, so no need to send them out one by one.

BUILDING questions- please ask Lokii Violet. I just work here, man. Loks is the one building all the things, with the help of Sohma Dix. No one wants me to build anything, I promise. I turned half of Cursed blue last year within 30 minutes of WGF opening.(I really did.)

BLOGGER questions – please ask Sonya Marmurek.  I don’t handle blogger stuff (other than making the box) at all. Like, seriously, at all.  All blogger stuff has to go to her.  I can deliver her a message, but I probably can’t answer whatever question it is you were about to ask me.

Anything else, yes- ask me. That’s why Im here. Either IM me, email me, poke into chat and say something.  Whatever. Just don’t send me notecards. They’re a pain in the ass.

5 days and counting.

Preliminary Merchant List Is Up.

Hi creepypeople!

The first iteration of this year’s merchant list is up. It is not final.

As a reminder, booth fees are due by midnight April 30.  We have a VERY deep waiting list this year, so if you blow this deadline there is an excellent chance your booth will be gone by morning. As of this writing there are 2 sponsors and 8 merchants not yet paid up.  I can assure you- we have the wait list to fill ALL of those slots, so if you want to keep yours, make sure you pay your booth fee to WorldGothDayOfficial Resident ONLY (not. me.) by April 30.

A rule clarification.

So with 48 hours to go, sometimes you hear things.

Sometimes, organizing an event is like a game of telephone. You say thing A, and eventually it comes back to you as thing M.  You can see how you GOT from point A to point M, but you still never said M to begin with.

Apparently, one of the event rules is being warped into something that isnt there. So let’s clear this up.

What’s been coming back to me is “no blood/gore/horror/vampire/zombie…”  etc.  I’ve never said that. It’s not in the rules anywhere.  I know I never typed it.  Let’s review what I *DID* say:

 A note to the horrorgoths – guys, please bear in mind that this charity involves a woman who was beaten to death. So have some discretion in what you bring with you.  If you wouldn’t show it to her mother, don’t bring it. I mention this because every year someone wants to bring “bruised and battered” tattoos and makeup layers and every year I have to tell them no.  Please don’t make me have this conversation again, okay? Thanks.


That’s what I said, and it’s what I meant to say.  I’ve had people retelling this as something else, over and over again, and before the event opens I want to be clear on what the issue is, and what it is not:

Vampire/horror/zombie stuff? OKAY.

Bruised and battered tattoo layers and skins? NOT OKAY.

That’s really it.  The rule was put in to avoid *this specific thing*, not to rule out your vampire/zombie/horror movie fun. Though I freely admit to not being a horror fan myself, I genuinely *don’t mind* about (gothic) horror things being brought to WGF.  I have a problem with bruised/battered tattoo layers and skins.

Ok gang, as you were.


…about notecards.

Folks, I love you, but for the love of goth, PLEASE don’t send me notecards. My offlines go to email. All a notecard means is instead of an email that I can just reply to, I have to log in to read the notecard. It takes longer than just replying and is just an extra several steps in helping you with your problem that are entirely unnecessary.  I promise you if you offline me, I’ll see it.

Thaaank yooooo.




So 24 hours in to prep…

And I have 65 applications here.  That’s fine. Ultimately, we have 100 slots, so we still have plenty of room, but I will say wow- I didnt expect quite this many this fast. I’ve gotten about 1/3 of them processed and entered into the spreadsheet.  I don’t have the posters and standees yet from Lokii so I can’t send them out yet anyway (I can’t send what I don’t have.) but my guess is that I’ll start to send out acceptance letters Saturday or Sunday.

We have had some people who did not send me a logo when they sent in their application. Guys, I’m not kidding- if I don’t have it, I can’t process it.  We have had problems during every event with us having to chase down people for logos, causing us to have issues assigning booths and creating a comprehensive event map.  To solve this I’m requiring the logos up front.  No logo? No application processing.

I will know how many sponsor slots we still have left (if any) by the end of the weekend. Right now we don’t know if we will be pushing to 3 sims or not. We’re only 24 hours into the application process.  What it looks like from being 1/3 the way in is that as predicted, Cursed and Sium will fill up first.  Given the ratings that’s what I suspected.

We do still have room right now.  So far, I haven’t had to deny any applications that I’ve seen, though Im not guaranteeing sponsor slots (we got a lot of requests as always.) So we have room for people to sign up, and we will push the the waiting list once we’re full.  Remember we have *never* not needed waiting list people.  We ALWAYS need waiting list people.   So feel free to pass around the link to the FAQ and the application.  I’m working on it, and should have this initial backlog cleared up by Sunday.