Last call before it all fades away….

Lost on the Last Day, by Taliferrue Cathaldus

Today is the last day of World Goth Fair 2015. It has been both easier and more difficult than previous years, depending on the topic being discussed. But if you want to take one last look around before it’s all gone, today is your last day to do it.

Of course I want to thank our merchants, our bloggers, the rest of the org team and all of the people who came up to shop, take photos and hang out. A huge thanks to our guest DJs and hosts on World Goth Day, the Gothika Staff, and to our super special guests, Razi Panic and Jairus Khan for coming to do live stuff with us.  Thank you so much, everyone.

So come on up and have one last look around. Our next event is the next round of A Tattered Page, which begins JULY 7 at the ATP Library.  Thank you all again, and we’ll see you freaks soon.


The Cursed Creatures of the Blogverse

Emerging From the Shadows by Alisa Perne

Emerging From the Shadows by Alisa Perne

Cursed bloggers always do an absolutely amazing job. I cannot repeat this enough. Truly. I would like to think that in part it is because the Cursed staff treats them like we do our merchants: respects them and lets them do their job without any pressure, hassle or harassment. We are great believers in everyone doing their part and no one trying to tell others what, when and how to do it. Cursed Events are organized by a very small band of introverts: we are extremely happy when everyone simply does what they volunteered and signed up to do without any flailings in one direction or the other.

I wear my memories like a shroud by Joanna Sweetwater

I wear my memories like a shroud by Joanna Sweetwater

Our core crew of bloggers has embraced this philosophy perfectly and it is visible in their pictures and words: the joy of inspiration and indulgence in darker moods and styles. It always delights me when I can see with one glance that a photo is a labor of love and enjoyment, that it involved time and thought and genuine fun.

World Goth Fair - Rose of Cursed 1 by Aarya Phantomhive

World Goth Fair – Rose of Cursed 1 by Aarya Phantomhive

We have bloggers that create characters and write stories, we have bloggers who take stunning scenery photos, bloggers who showcase every single review copy they receive, bloggers who create fantastic looks and show off every detail, we have a marvelous mix of different blogging styles in Cursed. We have a wealth of variety that has just one thing in common: they all love to get their goth on. It shows.

So this is to all of you, dwellers in the darkness, magnificent monsters, the photographers of the seductive night, the cursed creatures of the blogverse: thank you. Now go get all the extra blogger biscuits and bordeaux, you deserve it!

I had this thing by Skell Dagger

I had this thing by Skell Dagger

Blogger Applications Are Open!

It Looks Like Rain Today

It Looks Like Rain Today by Alisa Perne.

Calling all the dark creatures of the blogverse, the World Goth Fair is just a month away!

Time to crawl out from your lairs and coffins (or fancy modern penthouses, whatever strikes your fancy) and awaken enough to apply to join our Cursed team!

If you’re already in the group, fill in the application anyway, that will let me know that you’re around, active in blogging currently and willing to blog World Goth Fair. The magic boxes of review copy deliveries will be scripted based on the applications, so make sure your name is in!

Here be information and application. Also possibly dragons.