24 hours later….

World Goth Fair, by Wildstar Beaumont

I can’t even believe how well that went. Especially that it started so strangely.  SAM crashed completely on Lee the *moment* he pressed play leading to two minutes of cursing and panic until he rebooted the program.  We were worried it was an omen.

It wasn’t.

18 hours of music, one club packed to the gills, a BUNCH of people that stayed for *ALL* of it (omg what is wrong with all of you…) and as far as I know? No one repeated a single track (I’m not sure how that even happened.)

Some serious thank yous, though:

To all our guest DJs.  You were wonderful, especially as for most of you, I wasn’t able to be there because I HAD to sleep.  Thank you all so much, please by all means come back and do it again.

Shari Cortes.  Folks, she was so kind to volunteer to host for Lee since his usual host was going to still be at work, and then wound up hosting *two other sets* on top of it.  Totally above and beyond the call of anything reasonable and sane.

The Gothika Staff who are the hardest working goths in SL, as I have said for seven years now. It’s still true. It’s so easy to work with professionals.  Lokii, Pie, Rydia, Lee, and Kostika THANK YOU. We remain the Greatest Show Unearthed. (How did none of you play that track?)

Amelie Barbour, for the AWESOME projection lights. I love them like loved things. People were asking about them all day.

I don’t know if anyone else recorded their sets (Pie?)  But Lee’s set is here:


and mine is here:


We had no real problems.  No one got banned (which I am SURE is a WGD first.),

Thank you all so much again.

As mentioned all day, we have a BUNCH of music events coming up in the next week, including this one:

Yes, he threatened to do it last year, but this year he’s actually showing up, and we love him for it. More music stuff coming. We have lots left to show you at WGF this year.

You Shriek poster layout


So, about world goth day.

We’re starting a little early this year.  But hey! More music for all of us.  Get ready to get your goth on.WGDposter Have a poster.

The night grew red, and without mercy.

World Goth Fair II, by Caity Tobias

And so, we survived opening weekend.  Which went pretty smoothly, all things considered. I do know we were packed. I would log in to 40+ on the sim for hours and hours.  Nothing seems to have exploded, so I’ll take it.

By the way, Eclectica is now in (Welcome back, Tiffy!) so everyone can pile into her store and see what she’s got in there.  She’s over in the creepy corner of the sim.  (seriously. It’s by far creepier than the others. Mind the zombies, by the way.)

Speaking of which, everyone should be made aware that a LOT of stores have done staggered releases for this event, and a whole new wave of releases from many stores will arrive on World Goth Day (Friday, May 22.)  Quite a lot of stores are planning releases ON World Goth Day itself, so be prepared to come back and check it all out.

Also on World Goth Day, we will have live DJs from 6am-midnight Pacific time.  I’ll get a poster sorted out today, but the lineup is as follows:

6-8am: Cruel Britannia
8-10am: Aribeth Zelin
10am-noon: BCreative Wilde
noon-2pm: Angelica Leiner
2-4pm: Alisa Perne
4-6pm: Pie Zipper
6-8pm: Rydia Suicide
8-10pm: Lokii Violet
10-midnight: Bronxelf

Again, poster to follow later tonightish, I need to make that happen.

Another announcement: On Tuesday, May 26th at 8pm (pre-empting Pie’s usual set) You Shriek will be live at the Gothika Mobile Unit. Razi will be doing a live set.  This is not a cover band, it’s not a tribute band- it’s actually You Shriek – the real deal, and only at WGF.

On May 29th (time TBA) Jairus Khan of Ad.Ver.Sary, Antigen Shift (and sometimes even iVardensphere) will be back at the mobile unit for a DJ set. If you caught him last year you’ll know he DJed for 3 hours and everyone had a blast, so be ready to come on back and say hi to him again.

I’m working on a couple other music events. More info as I have it, but I’m trying.


And the beat goes on.

You Can Always Take More Than Nothing, by Ely Hynes

So we all survived another World Goth Day. It gets bigger every year. The tweets come in from all over the world (it’s comedy gold.)  mainstream publications talk about it in ways we don’t expect (which is mostly pretty cool.) and we get up and do our thing on the Day That Isn’t Amateur Hour.

For me it usually goes by in a blur.  This year it was a blur accompanied by a migraine brought on by (how very goth) an incoming storm cell, but in the end, we did it.  For our part we had 12 hours of nonstop music at the mobile unit  I’m not sure who got photos but if you did, let me know- we were pretty crowded so moving the camera around was an adventure.

Razi Panic of You Shriek came to visit us (twice!) and Pie fell on his head. At this point it’s now become a tradition, I think.  Next year, it’s Razi’s turn to fall on someone again.

Apparently people have found the hoodie gachas.  I can’t thank everyone enough for playing them- getting them together is one of the hardest things we do for this event. It requires a huge team effort and every part of it is work. What I appreciate most is that people seem to get that licensed content and real bands are worth supporting, and if given a way to do both at once, they’ll take it.

For the record, even though the machines on all three sims are set exactly the same way, for some reason the one on Cursed seems to give out more of those ultrarare fatpacks. I don’t know why – REALLY, they’re all set exactly the same, but that’s how it worked out yesterday.

I’m sure someone will eventually set up a hoodie trading thread on SLU. When they do, I’ll link it so people can trade their duplicates more easily. In the meantime? Go get more hoodies, because man they’re awesome and once the event ends they are GONE.  We’ll make something new for next year.

Dark Prevails, by Duchess Flux.

Our bloggers are awesome.  They really, really are. I don’t even know how they do what they do. I just look around and they’ve done it. Have you seen our Flickr pool? It’s great, and if you have WGF images you’d like to share you can post them there too.

So now that another WGD is behind us, we have PLENTY more stuff coming up at WGF.  Today at 2pm Pacific time, BCreative Wilde, one of the oldest goth DJs on the grid will be doing a special set for us up at the Mobile Unit.  Tonight at 8pm, our own Lokii Violet will be kicking off Spiral Twin Friday and at 10, The Pink Nightmare, Rydia Suicide will grab the decks from her until Midnight Pacific Time.

We have other events coming up in the next week as well- some as yet unannounced.  So there’s plenty remaining for this year’s World Goth Fair.

As promised, I have the current total:

The current total raised for SOPHIE is 567986L or approximately $2210USD.  We still have more than a week left to go, so we have lots of room to raise that total for an excellent cause.

Thank you so much to everyone who has joined us as a merchant, come down, donated, walked around, shopped, taken photos, listened to music and grabbed some licensed merchandise.  We just set up the playground every year. You guys are the ones who fill it, and we love you for it.




Well, that was fun again this year…


So, because it was apparently my fault (ok, it was DEFINITELY my fault), I got to kick off 12 hours of DJ sets in World Goth Fair. By this time the gachas were out on the sims and people were shooting Lindens into them like pensioners in Vegas. Razi from You Shriek even showed up for some of the set, and it’s highly likely that his ‘I’m going to sandwich now’ farewell may have been connected to the throng of adoring fans in the room scaring him a little…
But I digress from the actual point of this post. You didn’t have to listen to me, nobody did. World Goth Day was a crazy idea from the off, but the concept caught on, with no barriers stopping it from crossing oceans and broadband connections, finally entering minds and hearts. Four years on and the joke is still funny. Thank you.

Anyway, I did the decent thing and uploaded tonight’s set to Mixcloud, just in case you missed it. http://www.mixcloud.com/CruelBritannia/after-hours-at-club-gothika-22nd-may-2014-the-world-goth-day-kickoff/

-DJ Cruel Britannia


Release…The Bands.

It might be a bit hard to hear over Dawn of Ashes in the background, but that is indeed the one and only Jasyn Bangert of God Module welcoming everyone to World Goth Fair.

The Band Hoodie Gachas are out. On all three sims, even.  They’re at the Gothika Mobile Unit on Cursed, in the gacha pond on Sium, and in the Sponsor’s Corridor on Port Seraphine.  Also, this year there are collector’s box vendors right next to the gachas. They will sell you a complete NO TRANSFER fatpack of ALL the hoodies for 5000L. Before anyone pitches a bitch, this is *EASILY* 3k less than the average amount that people played last year to get a full set(Ely, this means you.).  You should also know there IS an ULTRARARE fatpack (also no transfer) in the machine too, in case you want to take your chances that way.


Cursed: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Cursed/65/129/1020

Sium: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Sium/127/200/1001

Port Seraphine: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Port%20Seraphine/99/132/25


WGF2014 Womens Collectors Box WGF2014 Mens Collectors Box

ALL of the hoodies are fully licensed by all 35 bands. ALL of the money collected goes to the Sophie Lancaster Foundation.  This takes us *weeks* of wrangling to get done, especially in spring when so many bands are on tour.  But we do, because we love these bands and we love introducing everyone to them.  In each pack is an informational notecard (if I had the idea three months ago we’d have done them like baseball cards – next year.)

The price is still 40L – the same as last year.  Have at, gang. Support the charity and real live goth and industrial bands. Support LICENSED content in SL (because that’s a concept definitely worth supporting too.)  Come on down, and pretend we invented currency.  🙂 Collect em, trade them, love them every day.

Tomorrow is World Goth Day.  We have 6 continuous DJ sets at Gothika:

wgd in gothika_1

We have a ton of gift cards to give away. There may or may not be RL merch involved too (we’re still chasing people down.)

In Red, by Caity Tobias

So much WGF left to go, and so much stuff coming.  But for now, GO GET YOUR HOODIES.

The day six total is 459131, or $1,788USD.



The Day Five Report.

In Memory Of… by Alisa Perne

Oh Alisa, you take such good photos.  And I’ve only ever accidentally deleted your house twice. ❤

(I was asleep on day four until it made little sense to bother. Hey, I had to sleep sometime.)

So we’re two days away from World Goth Day itself.  We have so many things still planned for this event though!  On World Goth Day, we have our usual 12 hours of music and contests at the Gothika Mobile Unit.  Behold the lineup:

wgd in gothika_1

Each contest is ONE winner, winner gets the box.  Prizes will be a mix of inworld gift cards and (hopefully) RL merch (which is what we did last year.)  As the poster says, all proceeds at Gothika on World Goth Day benefit the Sophie Lancaster Foundation.

On Friday, May 23 at 2pm, we have a special DJ set from BCreative Wilde, one of the longest standing goth DJs in SL, who will be playing the gothygoth for 2 hours.  (and as soon as I finish up a poster for that, I’ll post it. It’s next on my list.)

NEXT WEDNESDAY- May 28!  We have the Tiny Invasion from 4-6 PM SLT.  If you remember last year, the tinies invaded en masse and it was hilarious. NOISY, but hilarious.  So get ready to get small next Tuesday.  Again, all proceeds to benefit the charity there as well.

On Saturday May 31- Jairus Khan of Ad.Ver.Sary and Antigen Shift, and sometimes even iVardensphere will be LIVE at the mobile unit DJing.  Time to be announced (He’s a bit tied up this weekend with the Aftermath Festival but we’ll nail down a time next week.)  Not a tribute band, not a pre-recorded set- Jairus will be LIVE at the mobile unit.

I was on Cursed last night wandering around and oh my poor inventory. I think Im outfitted for the next year just unpacking boxes.  Really guys I know I keep saying this but the stuff at this year’s event is SO nice.  You really need to come see.  The merchants pulled out all the stops and I can’t thank them enough for bringing their A game and making such beautiful things.

Our day 5 total is 438031L or $1776 USD raised. Thank you all for being so fantastically supportive – we really appreciate it.  We have plenty of time left and lots of good stuff coming (INCLUDING THE HOODIES) so stay tuned!