Reminder! You Shriek tonight at 8!

You Shriek poster layout






















Stream is tested and Razi is all decked out and ready.  Come on up to the mobile unit at 8 to hear You Shriek LIVE.


And the beat goes on.

You Can Always Take More Than Nothing, by Ely Hynes

So we all survived another World Goth Day. It gets bigger every year. The tweets come in from all over the world (it’s comedy gold.)  mainstream publications talk about it in ways we don’t expect (which is mostly pretty cool.) and we get up and do our thing on the Day That Isn’t Amateur Hour.

For me it usually goes by in a blur.  This year it was a blur accompanied by a migraine brought on by (how very goth) an incoming storm cell, but in the end, we did it.  For our part we had 12 hours of nonstop music at the mobile unit  I’m not sure who got photos but if you did, let me know- we were pretty crowded so moving the camera around was an adventure.

Razi Panic of You Shriek came to visit us (twice!) and Pie fell on his head. At this point it’s now become a tradition, I think.  Next year, it’s Razi’s turn to fall on someone again.

Apparently people have found the hoodie gachas.  I can’t thank everyone enough for playing them- getting them together is one of the hardest things we do for this event. It requires a huge team effort and every part of it is work. What I appreciate most is that people seem to get that licensed content and real bands are worth supporting, and if given a way to do both at once, they’ll take it.

For the record, even though the machines on all three sims are set exactly the same way, for some reason the one on Cursed seems to give out more of those ultrarare fatpacks. I don’t know why – REALLY, they’re all set exactly the same, but that’s how it worked out yesterday.

I’m sure someone will eventually set up a hoodie trading thread on SLU. When they do, I’ll link it so people can trade their duplicates more easily. In the meantime? Go get more hoodies, because man they’re awesome and once the event ends they are GONE.  We’ll make something new for next year.

Dark Prevails, by Duchess Flux.

Our bloggers are awesome.  They really, really are. I don’t even know how they do what they do. I just look around and they’ve done it. Have you seen our Flickr pool? It’s great, and if you have WGF images you’d like to share you can post them there too.

So now that another WGD is behind us, we have PLENTY more stuff coming up at WGF.  Today at 2pm Pacific time, BCreative Wilde, one of the oldest goth DJs on the grid will be doing a special set for us up at the Mobile Unit.  Tonight at 8pm, our own Lokii Violet will be kicking off Spiral Twin Friday and at 10, The Pink Nightmare, Rydia Suicide will grab the decks from her until Midnight Pacific Time.

We have other events coming up in the next week as well- some as yet unannounced.  So there’s plenty remaining for this year’s World Goth Fair.

As promised, I have the current total:

The current total raised for SOPHIE is 567986L or approximately $2210USD.  We still have more than a week left to go, so we have lots of room to raise that total for an excellent cause.

Thank you so much to everyone who has joined us as a merchant, come down, donated, walked around, shopped, taken photos, listened to music and grabbed some licensed merchandise.  We just set up the playground every year. You guys are the ones who fill it, and we love you for it.




Swiftly followed by day two.

Exploring Sium before the crowds, by Caresia Adored

It really did seem swift, like time compressed day two and it went by really quickly.  Then again at this point time is really fluid for me and probably won’t obtain any kind of real meaning again for a couple of weeks.

We had a full lineup of music last night at the mobile unit. The Nightmare Twins were back, and then after four hours of that- with no one getting fired even once, Jordan Reyne did a live show for an hour(once stream issues were beaten into submission).  The show was excellent and if you missed it, you should make a point to catch one of her other shows inworld (she plays frequently.) You can also check out her website to find out all kinds of news and music, and music news here:

We were pretty crowded for the show, so I only managed to get one picture:

Jordan Reyne live at World Goth Fair

Jordan donated all her tips for the night to the Sophie Lancaster Foundation as well. Thank you Jordan for coming down and playing for us before breakfast!

So far, the traffic has been steady, but not flooded (this is a good thing- it means that people can walk around without lag- we had a big problem at Futurewave when everyone flooded in at once.) .  Thanks to everyone’s collective generosity, our day two total is sitting at 332815L or about 1295USD raised for the Sophie Lancaster Foundation.  We still have plenty of fair to go, though – the band hoodie gachas have yet to be released, and we still have lots more music events coming.

I turned over the logos to Lokii last night, so we should have gachas landing soon.  Stay tuned, creepypeople.



Welcome to the Dark Side.

World Goth Fair 2014 is now open.


World Goth Fair Opens, by Quan Lavender

The SLurls:

WGF CURSED (adult) –

WGF SIUM (moderate) –



Make yourselves at home. You are welcome here.


Construction phase, go.

I turned over the construction info to the building team this morning.  Note, I am not ON the building team, so if you have build related questions here’s who you ask:

For general build related things:  Ask Lokii Violet. She’s in charge of building, overall. If you ask me, I have to ask her anyway. Just save both of us the time, and ask her. Her offlines go to email. IM her.

For sim specific build questions:

Cursed – Ask Lokii Violet.

Sium – Ask Fox Nacht.

Port Seraphine – Ask Dolce Blackflag.

All three sims are differently themed. I just toss out concepts and the build crew runs with it. 13 days to go, gang.

application/acceptance update.

As of now:

All sponsor slots on Cursed are sold out.

All sponsor slots on Sium are sold out.

There are a limited number of sponsor slots left on Port Seraphine.

I have 12 applications that need things.  11 of them need decisions, and 1 needs processing.

There are fewer than 5 open merchant slots on Cursed. There’s about 8 on Sium.  I’m not sure how many are left on Port Seraphine yet.

more info as I have it.


…And received.

We actually knew about this yesterday, as we got verbal confirmation from SOPHIE at that time, but we were waiting on a screencap to release the news.

They have the money.  This comes directly from them:


SOPHIE receipt

That’s WGF2013 done, folks. Thank you everyone, again.  We’re more amazed than anyone.  We will be opening apps for next year’s WGF on March 15, right here.  We do not know at this time whether or not we’ll have a third sim, it depends on demand. We’ll let you know when we know.

But since I have your attention….

Our next event is a one night only event  this Saturday.  It’s time for Oopskate, and you can read about that (and it’s awesome orangeness) here. So please  come join us this Saturday- it’s for a really, really good cause.