Reminder! You Shriek tonight at 8!

You Shriek poster layout






















Stream is tested and Razi is all decked out and ready.  Come on up to the mobile unit at 8 to hear You Shriek LIVE.


24 hours later….

World Goth Fair, by Wildstar Beaumont

I can’t even believe how well that went. Especially that it started so strangely.  SAM crashed completely on Lee the *moment* he pressed play leading to two minutes of cursing and panic until he rebooted the program.  We were worried it was an omen.

It wasn’t.

18 hours of music, one club packed to the gills, a BUNCH of people that stayed for *ALL* of it (omg what is wrong with all of you…) and as far as I know? No one repeated a single track (I’m not sure how that even happened.)

Some serious thank yous, though:

To all our guest DJs.  You were wonderful, especially as for most of you, I wasn’t able to be there because I HAD to sleep.  Thank you all so much, please by all means come back and do it again.

Shari Cortes.  Folks, she was so kind to volunteer to host for Lee since his usual host was going to still be at work, and then wound up hosting *two other sets* on top of it.  Totally above and beyond the call of anything reasonable and sane.

The Gothika Staff who are the hardest working goths in SL, as I have said for seven years now. It’s still true. It’s so easy to work with professionals.  Lokii, Pie, Rydia, Lee, and Kostika THANK YOU. We remain the Greatest Show Unearthed. (How did none of you play that track?)

Amelie Barbour, for the AWESOME projection lights. I love them like loved things. People were asking about them all day.

I don’t know if anyone else recorded their sets (Pie?)  But Lee’s set is here:

and mine is here:

We had no real problems.  No one got banned (which I am SURE is a WGD first.),

Thank you all so much again.

As mentioned all day, we have a BUNCH of music events coming up in the next week, including this one:

Yes, he threatened to do it last year, but this year he’s actually showing up, and we love him for it. More music stuff coming. We have lots left to show you at WGF this year.

You Shriek poster layout

Well, that was fun again this year…


So, because it was apparently my fault (ok, it was DEFINITELY my fault), I got to kick off 12 hours of DJ sets in World Goth Fair. By this time the gachas were out on the sims and people were shooting Lindens into them like pensioners in Vegas. Razi from You Shriek even showed up for some of the set, and it’s highly likely that his ‘I’m going to sandwich now’ farewell may have been connected to the throng of adoring fans in the room scaring him a little…
But I digress from the actual point of this post. You didn’t have to listen to me, nobody did. World Goth Day was a crazy idea from the off, but the concept caught on, with no barriers stopping it from crossing oceans and broadband connections, finally entering minds and hearts. Four years on and the joke is still funny. Thank you.

Anyway, I did the decent thing and uploaded tonight’s set to Mixcloud, just in case you missed it.

-DJ Cruel Britannia


Release…The Bands.

It might be a bit hard to hear over Dawn of Ashes in the background, but that is indeed the one and only Jasyn Bangert of God Module welcoming everyone to World Goth Fair.

The Band Hoodie Gachas are out. On all three sims, even.  They’re at the Gothika Mobile Unit on Cursed, in the gacha pond on Sium, and in the Sponsor’s Corridor on Port Seraphine.  Also, this year there are collector’s box vendors right next to the gachas. They will sell you a complete NO TRANSFER fatpack of ALL the hoodies for 5000L. Before anyone pitches a bitch, this is *EASILY* 3k less than the average amount that people played last year to get a full set(Ely, this means you.).  You should also know there IS an ULTRARARE fatpack (also no transfer) in the machine too, in case you want to take your chances that way.




Port Seraphine:


WGF2014 Womens Collectors Box WGF2014 Mens Collectors Box

ALL of the hoodies are fully licensed by all 35 bands. ALL of the money collected goes to the Sophie Lancaster Foundation.  This takes us *weeks* of wrangling to get done, especially in spring when so many bands are on tour.  But we do, because we love these bands and we love introducing everyone to them.  In each pack is an informational notecard (if I had the idea three months ago we’d have done them like baseball cards – next year.)

The price is still 40L – the same as last year.  Have at, gang. Support the charity and real live goth and industrial bands. Support LICENSED content in SL (because that’s a concept definitely worth supporting too.)  Come on down, and pretend we invented currency.  🙂 Collect em, trade them, love them every day.

Tomorrow is World Goth Day.  We have 6 continuous DJ sets at Gothika:

wgd in gothika_1

We have a ton of gift cards to give away. There may or may not be RL merch involved too (we’re still chasing people down.)

In Red, by Caity Tobias

So much WGF left to go, and so much stuff coming.  But for now, GO GET YOUR HOODIES.

The day six total is 459131, or $1,788USD.



Welcome to the Dark Side.

World Goth Fair 2014 is now open.


World Goth Fair Opens, by Quan Lavender

The SLurls:

WGF CURSED (adult) –

WGF SIUM (moderate) –



Make yourselves at home. You are welcome here.


The Darkness is Rising over Cursed.

10333535_10152134504943424_5933522894362813611_o ebaf50b6aa00a5ce9c4fb63ba393d617

A first look at what Lokii is brewing up on Cursed.  Vendors and Gachas will go out tomorrow night, and all three sims will open for load-in the night of May 10.  More photos to come, of course, as well as music event news, and news about THE BAND HOODIE GACHA.  (start hoarding your linden, gang cause they are niiiiiice.)

The world is growing darker.

Thank goodness.


The Day 8 Report.

Ok. Day 8 and a few hours.

With World Goth Day itself out of the way (I’m still tired.) we’re now into our second week at WGF.  I’ve even managed to sleep more than 2 hours in a row (I know, I can’t believe it either.)

If anyone missed it, Cruel Britannia has posted two of his sets already (mine will be late, Im like, a month behind right now on posting mine) .  But if you want them:

Cruel Britannia’s World Goth Day Set.

Cruel Britannia’s After Hours at Club Gothika 5/23/13

The fair itself is continuing to defy any expectations we had for it.  People are still shopping, hanging out. and coming out to listen to music.  We’ve had band members already sign on to do live events next year (though we’ll take more… why yes, Razi I am staring at you, how kind of you to notice…) And we’ve already got ideas on the table for stuff to do next year.

The band shirt gacha continues to be insane.  I can’t wait to see how many we sold in the end.  The hot ticket seems to be the You Shriek shirt, which has people scrambling to get it, trade it, sell body parts and their soul to obtain it…  If you got one I suggest running quickly before the hordes find you.  I actually sent Razi Panic (the frontman for You Shriek) a note about this last night, it had gotten so out of hand.  He, as always, is quietly bemused.

Quietly bemused or not, everything Razi touches turns to awesome (the same can be said for Cellmod, I might add.) so here’s a video:

What I’m finding really cool are people are winning shirts from bands they don’t know, and then going and looking them up on youtube, vimeo and  That’s *really* cool, and we’re so pleased we could bring new music to everyone.

So we’re headed into our second weekend, and still going strong.   The flickr pool continues to get great shots also- here’s one from there:

WGF 1 – Adoness la petit morte2, by Isabelli Anatine

So with 8 days and some hours in, we’ve reached a new milestone.  L$800,104 (or for those who prefer a conversion, $3000.34USD or 1982.33GBP.

We have five days to go left in WGF2013, and we can’t thank everyone often enough for their support. So once again, thank you. I’ve proactively contacted Paypal to deal directly with them in getting the money to SOPHIE without any hassles.  The money had just gotten to be so much I was afraid Paypal would put a hold on it in transit. They have advised me they will get back to me soon, and I’ll tell everyone what they say.

Meantime, thank you all so much again and more updates tomorrow(ish.)