The Cursed Creatures of the Blogverse

Emerging From the Shadows by Alisa Perne

Emerging From the Shadows by Alisa Perne

Cursed bloggers always do an absolutely amazing job. I cannot repeat this enough. Truly. I would like to think that in part it is because the Cursed staff treats them like we do our merchants: respects them and lets them do their job without any pressure, hassle or harassment. We are great believers in everyone doing their part and no one trying to tell others what, when and how to do it. Cursed Events are organized by a very small band of introverts: we are extremely happy when everyone simply does what they volunteered and signed up to do without any flailings in one direction or the other.

I wear my memories like a shroud by Joanna Sweetwater

I wear my memories like a shroud by Joanna Sweetwater

Our core crew of bloggers has embraced this philosophy perfectly and it is visible in their pictures and words: the joy of inspiration and indulgence in darker moods and styles. It always delights me when I can see with one glance that a photo is a labor of love and enjoyment, that it involved time and thought and genuine fun.

World Goth Fair - Rose of Cursed 1 by Aarya Phantomhive

World Goth Fair – Rose of Cursed 1 by Aarya Phantomhive

We have bloggers that create characters and write stories, we have bloggers who take stunning scenery photos, bloggers who showcase every single review copy they receive, bloggers who create fantastic looks and show off every detail, we have a marvelous mix of different blogging styles in Cursed. We have a wealth of variety that has just one thing in common: they all love to get their goth on. It shows.

So this is to all of you, dwellers in the darkness, magnificent monsters, the photographers of the seductive night, the cursed creatures of the blogverse: thank you. Now go get all the extra blogger biscuits and bordeaux, you deserve it!

I had this thing by Skell Dagger

I had this thing by Skell Dagger


One Last Wish.

Succubus, by Duchess Flux

…writing the wrapup post always feels like the ending to Saturday Night Live, where the guest host is in a rush to thank everyone and winds up forgetting half the people anyway as the credits are rolling.


On Saturday Night, Jairus Khan laughed that all goth clubs everywhere are the same- everyone always shows up late. It’s true. Everyone basically sauntered in 15 minutes after he started, but things picked up a lot when he finally remembered he had a microphone and said hi.  It seemed like that was the moment the club got packed, and Jairus stayed on the decks for three hours. (!!)  He seemed to have a good time, and I know people *definitely* enjoyed his being there and want him to come back, so maybe we can make it a WGF tradition (he’s welcome back at any other time, too, of course.)  He also managed to get an Antigen Shift hoodie over his Ad.Ver.Sary t-shirt.  He’s one of those rare people that picks up how SL works intuitively, (there’s like four of them, ever.) so getting around was no problem at all for him*.

(*This is the moment that Lee reads this and begins muttering about how two years later he winds up standing around without pants and a box on his hand.)

Sunday, the last full day of the event was pretty quiet, as last days usually are, but we actually started to have a strange, unexpected rush as the night wore on.

Last night there was a mad, last minute rush at the hoodie gachas.  People were sending their alts down to make sure they got the hoodies before they disappeared. In truth, the hoodies disappeared from Cursed last, even though that was the machine that kept inexplicably giving out fatpacks in greater numbers. I still don’t know how many we sold yet, but definitely well over 1000 (we were at 1000 not long after the machines dropped.)

…aaaand it’s World Goth Day, by Shyntae Demonista

I locked the sims down at midnight, although merchants and bloggers flew through after that and grabbed stuff they missed while the crowds had been there during the run. Every time I thought I had a final total, I would refresh and see it had gone up yet again. After about six times I figured I’d just leave it alone until morning.

The charity rep contacted me mid-morning (his time) and I talked him through the cashout process.  The total for WGF 2014 was 753516, or $2932USD or, if you like, 1750GBP.

I turned the money over to SOPHIE this morning:

I realize everyone just went “MexicolaWHAT?”.  Sorry about that- not my doing. It’s the name they chose for themselves. But if you actually look them up in search, you’ll find this:

Just to set aside any concerns there. I have been assured that as soon as all the money hits their paypal account, they will send us a written confirmation I can post here to let everyone know that the charity itself got all the money.

And then I went to bed.

So, basically done and dusted for another year.  Org is already talking about what needs to change for next year- what can be added, and what should be pulled. We’re already planning for next year, albeit exhaustedly.

Now, as the credits roll I want to thank all our merchants, who busted ass to bring all they could to the event, and for creating the wacky and supportive atmosphere in event chat that we all get to enjoy. Our bloggers for absolutely tirelessly putting out post after post, and being so fantastically creative with all they do for us.  The bands (omg the bands) who continue to support us in all kinds of ways. We are always amazed and grateful.  Thank you.  All the shoppers who came down and got their goth on for two weeks, tossing money into vendors and tip jars. To Jessica Lyon and the Firestorm Team for their constant support. Finally to all my fellow org team members. Gang. when I tell you we work 20 hour days for 6 weeks, I mean it. We all do. And then we get up and do it again.

Our next *regularly* scheduled event is A Clockwork Spiral, in mid September. Applications for that will open August 1. HOWEVER, there may be an event before that- just a one shot.  We’re working on it and will announce as soon as we know.

Keep it spooky, gang. We’ll be back soon.


Sleeping Beauty, by Devin Vaughn



Bordeaux and Biscuits

World Goth Fair: Officially Licensed Band Hoodies! by Devin Vaughn – click the picture to read the post.

We have an absolutely fantastic group of bloggers. I know we say this every event, but it’s true. Every single event they simply blow our minds. Every single event I sit down and try to find something new to say about this simply astonishing fact. This time I thought I’d ramble a little about event blogging and why we love our crew so.

First thing to remember about blogging is that there’s more bloggers on the grid than one can keep tabs on and that unofficial event blogging always happens as they shop or happen to be in an event-shop’s own list. So as much as in theory including an item or two from the event into a look of the day with a mention where they can be purchased is event blogging, it’s not really what we are after, what we are looking for and why we squee so much about our blogger team.

World Goth Fair - Dark Beginning by Aarya Kiseki - click the picture to read the post.

World Goth Fair – Dark Beginning by Aarya Kiseki – click the picture to read the post.

Event blogging brings the focus to the event itself in one way or the other. It can be a look of the day with the majority of the items from the event, yes. It can be a roleplay story woven within the event theme with its items or sims and you all know by now that I have a bias the size of the grid for those. It can be a review of the event sims with photography: we are all constantly in awe of the photographers we have in our midst. It can be a thoughtful piece of writing about a charity event and the reasons why it is important, it can be a personal tie to the theme, it can be an introduction to the special events within the event… an event can be blogged in a multitude of ways. The best blogger team will have a mix of bloggers to cover all these approaches. We do.

Black Suits You by Davie Frequency - click the picture to read the post.

Black Suits You by Davie Frequency – click the picture to read the post.

Because of our steady core crowd I have begun noticing more and more that we tend to have the bloggers for each event already without much doing anything, but nevertheless there’s a new blogger application every Cursed event. There’s several reasons for this.

One is that we know very well that a few months in SL is a long, long time. A lot can happen. Having the bloggers already in the group re-apply to each event makes sure that we know they are still active in SL, are still blogging and have the time and interest to blog that particular event. I do remove the bloggers that haven’t applied before the early access of each event because the majority of the review copies are delivered through the group. It would not be fair for the creators to have inactive bloggers in the group that they send their wares through.

The Sweetest Things by Skell Dagger - click the picture to read the post.

The Sweetest Things by Skell Dagger – click the picture to read the post.

Another reason is that we know very well how blogging inspiration waxes and wanes. Sometimes the hobby feels like an obligation, sometimes you don’t simply feel like blogging and want to go and enjoy other hobbies, sometimes RL is too busy, sometimes the theme just doesn’t work out for you. We love our blogger crowd because they always feel so inspired, so excited, so thoroughly involved with the event and we want to keep it that way. It’s perfectly alright to take breaks from blogging. It is not a crime to skip an event: simply don’t apply to one when you don’t feel like it and when the blogging inspiration raises its head again, apply to the next event.

World Goth Fair The Widowmaker by Halfwraith Caerndow - click the picture to read the post.

World Goth Fair The Widowmaker by Halfwraith Caerndow – click the picture to read the post.

Another consequence for having an established and fantastic blogger team already is that we have very few slots for new people by this point. We do still keep the applications open every event, because each and every time there will be some people appearing seemingly out of nowhere and making my jaw drop with their talent. This particular World Goth Fair we have several new people in that made me gasp and all but spam the invite button to get them in as fast as possible.

So this is to all of you Cursed bloggers: thank you for making the organizer team squee, event after event. Keep up the fantastic work and have some more blogger bordeaux and biscuits on the house.

Vampyra by Alex Aerallo - click the picture to read the post.

Vampyra by Alex Aerallo – click the picture to read the post.

And the beat goes on.

You Can Always Take More Than Nothing, by Ely Hynes

So we all survived another World Goth Day. It gets bigger every year. The tweets come in from all over the world (it’s comedy gold.)  mainstream publications talk about it in ways we don’t expect (which is mostly pretty cool.) and we get up and do our thing on the Day That Isn’t Amateur Hour.

For me it usually goes by in a blur.  This year it was a blur accompanied by a migraine brought on by (how very goth) an incoming storm cell, but in the end, we did it.  For our part we had 12 hours of nonstop music at the mobile unit  I’m not sure who got photos but if you did, let me know- we were pretty crowded so moving the camera around was an adventure.

Razi Panic of You Shriek came to visit us (twice!) and Pie fell on his head. At this point it’s now become a tradition, I think.  Next year, it’s Razi’s turn to fall on someone again.

Apparently people have found the hoodie gachas.  I can’t thank everyone enough for playing them- getting them together is one of the hardest things we do for this event. It requires a huge team effort and every part of it is work. What I appreciate most is that people seem to get that licensed content and real bands are worth supporting, and if given a way to do both at once, they’ll take it.

For the record, even though the machines on all three sims are set exactly the same way, for some reason the one on Cursed seems to give out more of those ultrarare fatpacks. I don’t know why – REALLY, they’re all set exactly the same, but that’s how it worked out yesterday.

I’m sure someone will eventually set up a hoodie trading thread on SLU. When they do, I’ll link it so people can trade their duplicates more easily. In the meantime? Go get more hoodies, because man they’re awesome and once the event ends they are GONE.  We’ll make something new for next year.

Dark Prevails, by Duchess Flux.

Our bloggers are awesome.  They really, really are. I don’t even know how they do what they do. I just look around and they’ve done it. Have you seen our Flickr pool? It’s great, and if you have WGF images you’d like to share you can post them there too.

So now that another WGD is behind us, we have PLENTY more stuff coming up at WGF.  Today at 2pm Pacific time, BCreative Wilde, one of the oldest goth DJs on the grid will be doing a special set for us up at the Mobile Unit.  Tonight at 8pm, our own Lokii Violet will be kicking off Spiral Twin Friday and at 10, The Pink Nightmare, Rydia Suicide will grab the decks from her until Midnight Pacific Time.

We have other events coming up in the next week as well- some as yet unannounced.  So there’s plenty remaining for this year’s World Goth Fair.

As promised, I have the current total:

The current total raised for SOPHIE is 567986L or approximately $2210USD.  We still have more than a week left to go, so we have lots of room to raise that total for an excellent cause.

Thank you so much to everyone who has joined us as a merchant, come down, donated, walked around, shopped, taken photos, listened to music and grabbed some licensed merchandise.  We just set up the playground every year. You guys are the ones who fill it, and we love you for it.




And so, day one happened.

WGF ADCreations, by Cindy Gedenspire

Opening found us, eventually. I personally had been awake about 28 hours by then.  Amazingly I seemed to get all the settings right, and people started landing. Then more. And more. An hour in, CruelBritannia did his regular set at the GMU to kick things off.

Wow there’s beautiful stuff this year. The builds are gorgeous, the vendor offerings are amazing and people have really gone all out in support of the Sophie Lancaster Foundation.  Our day 1 total for the charity is 261,846L, which is roughly $1035USD.  Not bad for our first day!

Our photo today comes from veteran Cursed blogger Cindy Gedenspire.  Lovely, isn’t it?  That dress has been popping up all over and with good reason (you can get it on Port Seraphine, btw, and I bought it too.) It’s a charity donation to boot!

For those waiting on band hoodies, we’re working on that tonight and hope that they make landfall (pondfall?) tomorrow afternoon.  We’re working on it.

There’s a few people who are still putting the last things in their booths (I was working on one of my booths til about four hours after we opened, myself, to be honest.) and hopefully we’re full up by the time the weekend truly hits tomorrow.

TONIGHT, though, Lokii Violet will be on the decks at the Gothika Mobile Unit from 8-10, and our own Rydia Suicide will be manning them from 10-midnight. AND THEN, at midnight tonight, this happens:

Jordan Reyne- live! No , really!

Jordan Reyne will be at the Gothika Mobile Unit LIVE at midnight, with all proceeds to benefit the Sophie Lancaster Foundation. So support live music, live goths, (ha.) and the charity all at the same time.  You can get there from the WGF Cursed landing point (really, it’s right there, just look for the red candles and start walking upstairs) via this SLurl:

See you all tonight!


Port Seraphine prepares to sling darkness from the rafters.

Port Seraphine in progress

Vendors and gachas have gone out (if you’re a merchant make sure you get the second batch of vendors- the first had a script error, the second batch fixes it.) , and are in group notices if you’ve missed them.

Blogger applications close on May 10 (tomorrow!)  so if you want to apply for that, time is running out.

The sims will open for merchant load in tomorrow night.

Blogger Applications Are Now Open!

It’s the season to be gothy, and such things. Also stuff. Blogger applications for World Goth Fair 2014 are now open!

Things to note and/or to remember, these are the same things every time:

– Send in the application even if you’re in the Cursed Events group already.

– If you have blogger related questions, contact Sonya Marmurek. The other organizers will just send you right that way, so going straight to Sonya spares some time for everybody.

– Only the accepted bloggers will be contacted.

Please read the FAQ before applying, you can find both the info and the application right here: Come join us, o bloggers of gothy goodness!