WGF 2015 Merchant List.

This list is not yet final.  If you have not yet paid your booth fee, you have until midnight on April 30.  We have a deep waiting list. If you wait until May 1  at 9am your booth will already have been offered to someone else. We are *COMPLETELY* sold out. Stores are only added to this list once booth fees are paid.


World Goth Fair 2015



22769 ~ [bauwerk]
Bliensen + Mai Tai
Chaos, Panic and Disorder
Dark Passions
Fallen Gods Inc.
House of Rain
Sax Shepherd Designs



7 Deadly s{K}ins
Alice Project
Angelic Designs
Atomic Faery
Avatar Bizarre
Black Arts
Black Tulip
!Chop Shop!
Dark Water Designs
DeadPool Fashion
Distorted Dreams
Get Frocked
Kita’s Sideshow
LNL Square
Pale Empress
*paper moon*
Pin Me Down
Psychotic Neko
~Refined Wild~
{Rook} Poses
Salt & Pepper
The Dark Fae
The Horror!
The Little Bat
The Plastik
The Stringer Mausoleum


4 thoughts on “WGF 2015 Merchant List.

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