Preliminary Merchant List Is Up.

Hi creepypeople!

The first iteration of this year’s merchant list is up. It is not final.

As a reminder, booth fees are due by midnight April 30.  We have a VERY deep waiting list this year, so if you blow this deadline there is an excellent chance your booth will be gone by morning. As of this writing there are 2 sponsors and 8 merchants not yet paid up.  I can assure you- we have the wait list to fill ALL of those slots, so if you want to keep yours, make sure you pay your booth fee to WorldGothDayOfficial Resident ONLY (not. me.) by April 30.


Blogger Applications Are Open!

It Looks Like Rain Today

It Looks Like Rain Today by Alisa Perne.

Calling all the dark creatures of the blogverse, the World Goth Fair is just a month away!

Time to crawl out from your lairs and coffins (or fancy modern penthouses, whatever strikes your fancy) and awaken enough to apply to join our Cursed team!

If you’re already in the group, fill in the application anyway, that will let me know that you’re around, active in blogging currently and willing to blog World Goth Fair. The magic boxes of review copy deliveries will be scripted based on the applications, so make sure your name is in!

Here be information and application. Also possibly dragons.

All application emails have been sent.

I just sent the last of the application emails. We have a very deep waiting list this year (well more than 10 people.) Just check the email you signed up with.  Make sure to read it carefully.

The first Merchant pack should go out around Wednesday night. Pie tells me he’ll be done with the standee tomorrow and then I just have to texture it up.  At that time I’ll add all newcomers to the event group.  It’s just easier for me to do those two things at the same time.

Thanks for your patience, everyone. This is an exhausting process.

WGF 2015 is sold out.

Just to let everyone know- right now we have well over 50 applications for 40 slots plus the 10 kiosks.  Not everyone who applied will get in- we *will* have a waiting list.

The status of applications is as follows: I am currently waiting on getting the standees from Pie so I can send out the merchant kits.  If you have applied, you *probably* will be either in or waitlisted. However, there are some people we simply won’t be taking at all. I will begin notifying everyone by email tonight as to what’s what, but posters and merchant stuff inworld will require another few days.  Everyone who has applied thus far should be getting an email about their status on Monday.