Blogger List

This is the official blogger list for World Goth Fair 2015.

– AaryaKiseki Resident (Dark Phantom)

– Alisa26 Resident (Sweet&Sinful Styles)

– Belite Swords (Eclectic Dolly)

– Bishybaby Resident (Dolly Dressup)

– Chic Aeon (Chic at Phil’s Place)

– Cindy Gedenspire (Gedenspired)

– DanteAmore Rossini (Macabre Beauties)

– Davie Frequency (Egos Like Hairdos)

– DevinVaughn Resident (BishieStyleSL)

– Freyja Nemeth (Otherworldly)

– Guen Gothly (Macabre Beauties)

– Halfwraith Caerndow (Pips Fantasy in SL)

– Helena Stringer (Pixel Mythos | It’s Only Fashion | Free*Style)

– Henrykrinkle Resident (Carnivore)

– Joanna Sweetwater (The Inelegant Ineloquent)

– Kostika Mistwalker (P/K)

– Lola79 Hienrichs (Pocket Closet)

– Lylanis Resident (Dolly Dressup)

– Madeleine Munro (Carnivore)

– Morgana Hilra (So Hawt SL)

– Muse Llewelyn (Chained Rhapsody)

– Punkiss Resident (Punki’s Fashion Passion)

– Rage Quartz (Khaos Closet)

– Roxi Firanelli (On the Rox)

– Serene Fairey (slTransfusion)

– Shadow Rothmanay (Mode à tout prix)

– Shadowed Luik (SL Freebie Hunters)

– Shari Cortes (Shari the Cat)

– Skell Dagger (Virtual Bloke)

– Sonya Marmurek (Astalianda)

– Synful Ghost (Eccentric Usagi)

– Taliferrue Cathaldus (@Melroo’s Place)

– Tigist Sapphire (Ticklemetummy)

– Trixie Cliassi (Blurred Lines)

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