Last call before it all fades away….

Lost on the Last Day, by Taliferrue Cathaldus

Today is the last day of World Goth Fair 2015. It has been both easier and more difficult than previous years, depending on the topic being discussed. But if you want to take one last look around before it’s all gone, today is your last day to do it.

Of course I want to thank our merchants, our bloggers, the rest of the org team and all of the people who came up to shop, take photos and hang out. A huge thanks to our guest DJs and hosts on World Goth Day, the Gothika Staff, and to our super special guests, Razi Panic and Jairus Khan for coming to do live stuff with us.  Thank you so much, everyone.

So come on up and have one last look around. Our next event is the next round of A Tattered Page, which begins JULY 7 at the ATP Library.  Thank you all again, and we’ll see you freaks soon.


2 thoughts on “Last call before it all fades away….

    • If there is, it is unlikely (really unlikely) to be in Second Life. This is probably a longer and more complex explanation than you were looking for, but here it is:

      1. Doing WGF for charity:

      The rules that were put in place by Linden Lab regarding cashouts a few years back have made this option nearly impossible to manage. I’ve written about this a BUNCH of times so I probably don’t need to go over it again, but that’s the problem there. LL has simply made it almost impossible to do this, unless you’re doing it for RFL or a similar large charity, because they already have the infrastructure in SL to comply with the rules. Im not interested in running an RFL event. Further, LL is not donating sims to run charity events. We don’t have sims to hold WGF on anymore. Cursed, Port Seraphine, and Sium are all gone.

      2. Doing WGF without the charity.

      At that point, “us doing it for free” (where “us” is the Org team) is firmly off the table. The reason we did it for free was because all the money went to the charity. It’s a LOT of work for us. Without the charity component, we’re not doing it for nothing, and it also means that band merch is off the table too, because the licensing without the charity is not worth it. We will *never* put out band merch without licenses, and that licensed merchandise was a big draw for he event. Without the charity component, we don’t have it. The problem though isn’t even that — it’s that we no longer have sims to host the event on without renting them. In order to do this, we’d need to up the booth fees to the level of a large, mainstream event. Except that WGF isn’t a mainstream event. It’s a niche event. The issue then becomes balancing the booth fees with something that will pay for the sim, and pay us vs. how much vendors can expect to make at a non-charity event. It’s not really worth it for anyone — not for the vendors and not for the org team. The only people who make money out of that arrangement is LL, and Im just not interested in helping them anymore.

      If we were to do it again, we’d move it entirely off of SL and probably do it at Sine Space, which is where Gothika is now. The development team there is firmly behind us doing this, but their platform is simply not yet ready for such a thing to happen.

      It goes without saying (I hope) that without us doing it, WGF doesn’t happen. The World Goth Day folks would come down like the hammer of the gods were anyone but us to do it, full stop. So right now the entire idea is in stasis until something changes.

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