Release…The Bands.

It might be a bit hard to hear over Dawn of Ashes in the background, but that is indeed the one and only Jasyn Bangert of God Module welcoming everyone to World Goth Fair.

The Band Hoodie Gachas are out. On all three sims, even.  They’re at the Gothika Mobile Unit on Cursed, in the gacha pond on Sium, and in the Sponsor’s Corridor on Port Seraphine.  Also, this year there are collector’s box vendors right next to the gachas. They will sell you a complete NO TRANSFER fatpack of ALL the hoodies for 5000L. Before anyone pitches a bitch, this is *EASILY* 3k less than the average amount that people played last year to get a full set(Ely, this means you.).  You should also know there IS an ULTRARARE fatpack (also no transfer) in the machine too, in case you want to take your chances that way.




Port Seraphine:


WGF2014 Womens Collectors Box WGF2014 Mens Collectors Box

ALL of the hoodies are fully licensed by all 35 bands. ALL of the money collected goes to the Sophie Lancaster Foundation.  This takes us *weeks* of wrangling to get done, especially in spring when so many bands are on tour.  But we do, because we love these bands and we love introducing everyone to them.  In each pack is an informational notecard (if I had the idea three months ago we’d have done them like baseball cards – next year.)

The price is still 40L – the same as last year.  Have at, gang. Support the charity and real live goth and industrial bands. Support LICENSED content in SL (because that’s a concept definitely worth supporting too.)  Come on down, and pretend we invented currency.  🙂 Collect em, trade them, love them every day.

Tomorrow is World Goth Day.  We have 6 continuous DJ sets at Gothika:

wgd in gothika_1

We have a ton of gift cards to give away. There may or may not be RL merch involved too (we’re still chasing people down.)

In Red, by Caity Tobias

So much WGF left to go, and so much stuff coming.  But for now, GO GET YOUR HOODIES.

The day six total is 459131, or $1,788USD.




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