The Day Five Report.

In Memory Of… by Alisa Perne

Oh Alisa, you take such good photos.  And I’ve only ever accidentally deleted your house twice. ❤

(I was asleep on day four until it made little sense to bother. Hey, I had to sleep sometime.)

So we’re two days away from World Goth Day itself.  We have so many things still planned for this event though!  On World Goth Day, we have our usual 12 hours of music and contests at the Gothika Mobile Unit.  Behold the lineup:

wgd in gothika_1

Each contest is ONE winner, winner gets the box.  Prizes will be a mix of inworld gift cards and (hopefully) RL merch (which is what we did last year.)  As the poster says, all proceeds at Gothika on World Goth Day benefit the Sophie Lancaster Foundation.

On Friday, May 23 at 2pm, we have a special DJ set from BCreative Wilde, one of the longest standing goth DJs in SL, who will be playing the gothygoth for 2 hours.  (and as soon as I finish up a poster for that, I’ll post it. It’s next on my list.)

NEXT WEDNESDAY- May 28!  We have the Tiny Invasion from 4-6 PM SLT.  If you remember last year, the tinies invaded en masse and it was hilarious. NOISY, but hilarious.  So get ready to get small next Tuesday.  Again, all proceeds to benefit the charity there as well.

On Saturday May 31- Jairus Khan of Ad.Ver.Sary and Antigen Shift, and sometimes even iVardensphere will be LIVE at the mobile unit DJing.  Time to be announced (He’s a bit tied up this weekend with the Aftermath Festival but we’ll nail down a time next week.)  Not a tribute band, not a pre-recorded set- Jairus will be LIVE at the mobile unit.

I was on Cursed last night wandering around and oh my poor inventory. I think Im outfitted for the next year just unpacking boxes.  Really guys I know I keep saying this but the stuff at this year’s event is SO nice.  You really need to come see.  The merchants pulled out all the stops and I can’t thank them enough for bringing their A game and making such beautiful things.

Our day 5 total is 438031L or $1776 USD raised. Thank you all for being so fantastically supportive – we really appreciate it.  We have plenty of time left and lots of good stuff coming (INCLUDING THE HOODIES) so stay tuned!




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