The day three report.

Quoth The Raven, by Gia Nikai

By day three, all of us at Org are finally able to catch up on a little sleep. We’re still working on the band hoodie gacha (very soon. very, very soon.) and we’re also close to releasing maps of all three sims, to make navigation even easier.

As happens each year, I’ve been flooded with IMs about the charity from people for whom this cause is very near and dear.  Thank you so much for all your support- we really do appreciate that. Everyone involved with the fair has been working really hard to do the best we can for SOPHIE, and this year the stuff available at the fair is the best it’s ever been.

Even the sim builds themselves are nothing short of spectacular.

I love how our bloggers have different takes on the same theme sometimes!  Well I love our bloggers in general. They work very,very hard and give us wonderful images for our flickr pool (which you should see, by the way.)

Here in the Black, by Skell Dagger

So with that all said our day three total is 371819L or 1390USD raised for SOPHIE.  We have plenty of fair to come, and World Goth Day isnt even here yet! So come on up and enjoy the fair!





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