Swiftly followed by day two.

Exploring Sium before the crowds, by Caresia Adored

It really did seem swift, like time compressed day two and it went by really quickly.  Then again at this point time is really fluid for me and probably won’t obtain any kind of real meaning again for a couple of weeks.

We had a full lineup of music last night at the mobile unit. The Nightmare Twins were back, and then after four hours of that- with no one getting fired even once, Jordan Reyne did a live show for an hour(once stream issues were beaten into submission).  The show was excellent and if you missed it, you should make a point to catch one of her other shows inworld (she plays frequently.) You can also check out her website to find out all kinds of news and music, and music news here:  http://jordanreyne.com

We were pretty crowded for the show, so I only managed to get one picture:

Jordan Reyne live at World Goth Fair

Jordan donated all her tips for the night to the Sophie Lancaster Foundation as well. Thank you Jordan for coming down and playing for us before breakfast!

So far, the traffic has been steady, but not flooded (this is a good thing- it means that people can walk around without lag- we had a big problem at Futurewave when everyone flooded in at once.) .  Thanks to everyone’s collective generosity, our day two total is sitting at 332815L or about 1295USD raised for the Sophie Lancaster Foundation.  We still have plenty of fair to go, though – the band hoodie gachas have yet to be released, and we still have lots more music events coming.

I turned over the logos to Lokii last night, so we should have gachas landing soon.  Stay tuned, creepypeople.




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