And so, day one happened.

WGF ADCreations, by Cindy Gedenspire

Opening found us, eventually. I personally had been awake about 28 hours by then.  Amazingly I seemed to get all the settings right, and people started landing. Then more. And more. An hour in, CruelBritannia did his regular set at the GMU to kick things off.

Wow there’s beautiful stuff this year. The builds are gorgeous, the vendor offerings are amazing and people have really gone all out in support of the Sophie Lancaster Foundation.  Our day 1 total for the charity is 261,846L, which is roughly $1035USD.  Not bad for our first day!

Our photo today comes from veteran Cursed blogger Cindy Gedenspire.  Lovely, isn’t it?  That dress has been popping up all over and with good reason (you can get it on Port Seraphine, btw, and I bought it too.) It’s a charity donation to boot!

For those waiting on band hoodies, we’re working on that tonight and hope that they make landfall (pondfall?) tomorrow afternoon.  We’re working on it.

There’s a few people who are still putting the last things in their booths (I was working on one of my booths til about four hours after we opened, myself, to be honest.) and hopefully we’re full up by the time the weekend truly hits tomorrow.

TONIGHT, though, Lokii Violet will be on the decks at the Gothika Mobile Unit from 8-10, and our own Rydia Suicide will be manning them from 10-midnight. AND THEN, at midnight tonight, this happens:

Jordan Reyne- live! No , really!

Jordan Reyne will be at the Gothika Mobile Unit LIVE at midnight, with all proceeds to benefit the Sophie Lancaster Foundation. So support live music, live goths, (ha.) and the charity all at the same time.  You can get there from the WGF Cursed landing point (really, it’s right there, just look for the red candles and start walking upstairs) via this SLurl:

See you all tonight!



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