T-12 hours.

People expect the darkness in October. I mean, that’s when it’s all so very predictable.Where I come from, Halloween is the biggest holiday of the year. But it’s half a year away, and here we are.  People think that the darkness only comes in October. But we know better.  We know what it’s like to come out in the spring.

The world goes dark in 12 hours, and once again, we rise. For two weeks every May, we all come together on our small islands of misfit toys and do this thing, to benefit a good cause.  In fairness, we’re all pretty good friends all year long, but somehow, May is different.

Sneak Preview World Goth Fair, Opening 15 May II, by Caity Tobias

People expect us in October.  But not in May.  I’ve personally come to look at October as Amateur Hour.  May as when the real stuff happens.  We are not about to let the world forget about Sophie Lancaster, and this is how we get that job done in our little corner of the metaverse.


Dancing in the Light, by Gia Nikai

Last year we raised just over one million Linden (about 3800 USD, a little more..) for the Sophie Lancaster Foundation.  Let’s see if we can crack a million and a half this year. Come on, it’ll be fun.

World Goth Fair 2014 will open (whether we’re ready or not…) at noon Pacific Time. Getyour goth on. It’s time.



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