A rule clarification.

So with 48 hours to go, sometimes you hear things.

Sometimes, organizing an event is like a game of telephone. You say thing A, and eventually it comes back to you as thing M.  You can see how you GOT from point A to point M, but you still never said M to begin with.

Apparently, one of the event rules is being warped into something that isnt there. So let’s clear this up.

What’s been coming back to me is “no blood/gore/horror/vampire/zombie…”  etc.  I’ve never said that. It’s not in the rules anywhere.  I know I never typed it.  Let’s review what I *DID* say:

 A note to the horrorgoths – guys, please bear in mind that this charity involves a woman who was beaten to death. So have some discretion in what you bring with you.  If you wouldn’t show it to her mother, don’t bring it. I mention this because every year someone wants to bring “bruised and battered” tattoos and makeup layers and every year I have to tell them no.  Please don’t make me have this conversation again, okay? Thanks.


That’s what I said, and it’s what I meant to say.  I’ve had people retelling this as something else, over and over again, and before the event opens I want to be clear on what the issue is, and what it is not:

Vampire/horror/zombie stuff? OKAY.

Bruised and battered tattoo layers and skins? NOT OKAY.

That’s really it.  The rule was put in to avoid *this specific thing*, not to rule out your vampire/zombie/horror movie fun. Though I freely admit to not being a horror fan myself, I genuinely *don’t mind* about (gothic) horror things being brought to WGF.  I have a problem with bruised/battered tattoo layers and skins.

Ok gang, as you were.



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