Applications are CURRENT ( for the moment.)

I just plowed through the remaining applications. Check your email. We did not take every application we received, but anyone I had outstanding to contact, I did contact.

If SL ate your group invite, just ping me and I’ll re-send one.

I have not updated the merchant list yet. I will do that after I return home tonight.

Here’s where we stand:

ALL sponsor slots on Cursed are SOLD OUT.

ALL sponsor slots on Sium are SOLD OUT.

I have 2 sponsor slots remaining on Port Seraphine (please don’t ask for them if you’re selling skins- the spots are useless to you as it’s a G rated sim.)

There are 3 merchant slots on Cursed- they are being held for people who a) sell skins. or b) sell adult items. or c) are people we hold Cursed slots for (long standing WGF/Cursed events gothshops.)  But there are only three. Seriously.  I promise.

There are 7 merchant slots left on Sium.

There are about 15ish (I haven’t fully counted) slots left on Port Seraphine, give or take.

If you don’t have a preference and aren’t selling skins, we’ll probably put you on PS because we have the most room there.  I will update the merchant list to reflect this later this evening.



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