Current status on acceptances.

As of right now, approximately 50 acceptance emails have gone out.  I have processed all applications in the queue, and I have 25 applications left to work through for acceptance or not.

Some important info: All sponsor slots on Cursed are GONE.  Absolutely GONE.

All sponsor slots on Sium are also gone- the question at this point is who is getting the last one that even “technically” exists.  We had WAY more people than we had room for ask for sponsor slots on Cursed. I even moved one of my own stores to Sium to try to accommodate an additional request.  There is *technically* a slot, but it is taken- I just don’t know who HAS it yet. I’m waiting to hear back from someone who asked for a Cursed slot early on, but didn’t get it, to see if they want to jump sims. If they want it, it’s theirs first.  If not, it will go to someone else.

The point of that ramble is that if you’re applying from this point on for a sponsor slot, the ONLY sim we have available for it is Port Seraphine. Just be aware of that when you apply.

As I said, I have 25 spreadsheet entries to clear.  I do not know if all 25 applications will be approved yet.  I will be working more on this tonight and should be current at some point tomorrow either way.

We have room for 100 booths total for this year’s WGF (35 on Cursed, 30 on Sium, and 35 on Port Seraphine) so regardless, we do still have available slots, though depending on which sim it is, they may be a little limited.

one way or another, posters and standees are going out tomorrow night at the *absolute* latest.




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