Acceptance emails have begun to go out.

I’ve sent out the first 30 acceptance emails.  I am still waiting on signs/standees but Lokii assures me she is working on it and I should have them within 24 hours. The current holdup is a couple of sponsorship questions that need answering. I will start up again as soon as I have the answers I need.  Shouldn’t take long.

As of now we have about 30 spaces remaining (for all three sims put together.)  The vast majority of those are on Sium and Port Seraphine. Cursed has about three merchant slots remaining(this includes everyone who asked to be on Cursed, not just the ones who have gotten their emails already).  Sponsor slots are *definitely* sold out on Cursed (GONE.).  I will know what the sponsor status is for Sium shortly. There are still sponsor slots available on Port Seraphine.

More info as I have it.






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