Applications: Where we’re at.

I am up to date with the spreadsheet of doom.  Currently we’re sitting at 71 applications. Most of them have already been accepted- there’s a couple stores I need to check that are new to me. But the bottom line is that we still have room for people to apply. If we only use two sims, we cap out at 75.  If we go to three sims, we have room for 100. I’ll accept applications from merchants through April 30 or when we sell out, whichever comes first.

I have 2 apps here that didn’t come in with a logo.  Seriously. I need that logo.

As soon as Lokii gives me posters and standees I’ll begin sending them out along with acceptance emails.  Sponsors will get notified first, just because of how the spreadsheet is organized.  No one send any money til they get that email, ok? And remember to ONLY send it to the charity alt as listed in the email. (Don’t send it to me I won’t realize you’ve done it.)

Soon as I get signs dropped on me, I’ll start emailing.


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