Another applications update.

Hi gang.

I forgot I had a concert ticket last night (and I got hit in the head with a drumstick- long story.) Anyway, Im still working on applications. Right now I have over 70 here, so in theory we still have room.  I can tell you all sponsor slots on Cursed are SOLD OUT.

Working on it. I should be caught up with spreadsheet madness tonight and start sending stuff out.  Im still missing some logos- Ive contacted people who didnt send them, but I *cannot* send out an acceptance email unless and until I have a logo.  No exceptions.

Also, I can confirm that Ad.Ver.Sary, Antigen Shift, Calling All Astronauts, and Panic Lift (yes! Panic Lift!)are confirmed for WGF as well.  In addition, Jairus Khan of Ad.Ver.Sary will be doing a guest DJ slot at the Gothika Mobile Unit. Time TBA, but it will be around May 30.



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