Applications update.

So far, I’ve processed 37 applications of the 65 on my desk (again, we have room, so if you meant to apply, please go ahead and do so.) If you’re waiting, please don’t freak out- I haven’t had to deny any yet.  However not everyone who wanted a sponsor slot will get one (because a lot of people want them, same as every other year.)

As predicted I should clear the backlog on Sunday.  Everyone stay frosty. I should also have posters, etc. by then so people will start getting their stuff.

On the band front- slowly (it’s always slowly, and requires a lot of poking with sticks) we’re getting band replies.  So far I can tell everyone that You Shriek, Caustic, XP8 (thank you, Marco) and Pretentious, Moi are all confirmed for this year. We have verbal confirmation from the Cruxshadows (I got that from Rogue out of his own face back in September, but I need his written license.), so you can consider that a go- it’s just the paperwork at this point. Bands always come in slowly- it’s a manual process that requires the org team to actually go back and forth a lot, so please be patient.



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