So 24 hours in to prep…

And I have 65 applications here.  That’s fine. Ultimately, we have 100 slots, so we still have plenty of room, but I will say wow- I didnt expect quite this many this fast. I’ve gotten about 1/3 of them processed and entered into the spreadsheet.  I don’t have the posters and standees yet from Lokii so I can’t send them out yet anyway (I can’t send what I don’t have.) but my guess is that I’ll start to send out acceptance letters Saturday or Sunday.

We have had some people who did not send me a logo when they sent in their application. Guys, I’m not kidding- if I don’t have it, I can’t process it.  We have had problems during every event with us having to chase down people for logos, causing us to have issues assigning booths and creating a comprehensive event map.  To solve this I’m requiring the logos up front.  No logo? No application processing.

I will know how many sponsor slots we still have left (if any) by the end of the weekend. Right now we don’t know if we will be pushing to 3 sims or not. We’re only 24 hours into the application process.  What it looks like from being 1/3 the way in is that as predicted, Cursed and Sium will fill up first.  Given the ratings that’s what I suspected.

We do still have room right now.  So far, I haven’t had to deny any applications that I’ve seen, though Im not guaranteeing sponsor slots (we got a lot of requests as always.) So we have room for people to sign up, and we will push the the waiting list once we’re full.  Remember we have *never* not needed waiting list people.  We ALWAYS need waiting list people.   So feel free to pass around the link to the FAQ and the application.  I’m working on it, and should have this initial backlog cleared up by Sunday.



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