Bands! Time to saddle up. Wait, that’s a terrible metaphor.

ATTENTION GOTH/INDUSTRIAL bands (you know who you are.) World Goth Fair is once again asking you for the licensed use of your band logo/artwork for this year’s fundraiser.  Last year, 36 bands  (including some people you know, or even people who might be you) helped us sell 2084 band shirts to benefit the Sophie Lancaster Foundation.

Same deal as last year. We are asking for you to officially license us to use your logo/artwork on merchandise to be sold at a 100% charity donation.  We will do all the work of making the product. ALL money from the sale goes to the charity- we don’t keep a nickel.  But we need you to license us. We will NOT use any logo/art we don’t have permission to use.

All merch will once again contain the URL to SOPHIE on it somewhere (this will make Si of the March Violets happy), and the merch will be strictly limited in sale to the run of the event. Not one single thing will be sold by us once the event ends (we cannot control the secondary market, but no new sales will take place after June 1.)

I have a short list of bands on my desk people have begged me to get this year we didn’t have last year(this should be fun…), and of course if you were with us last year, we’d love to have you back.  Really!  But we need a license from you for 2014.

Also, if you’d be interested in doing a guest DJ set (from the comfort of your own house even, in your underwear) or a live set (again from the comfort of wherever you can plug in your gear and have a high speed internet connection) to benefit the charity, we’d love to have that also.  Hey, even if you just feel like doing a Q&A session for an hour with fans- we can set that up.  All proceeds will benefit the Sophie Lancaster Foundation.

If any or all of this sounds good to you, we want to talk to you.  You can find Cruel Britannia on facebook, or on twitter, or by sending him an email at cruelbrit at  You can find Bronxelf on twitter or on plurk or by sending her an email at bronxelf at

Or if you’re just really, deeply lazy (come on I know half of you just nodded your heads…) fill out this form and we will email you to get in touch.  THANKS! ❤

A list of this year’s bands can be found here.


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