The reason behind the application delay.

In the interests of making sure we’re as transparent as we can be, the org team feels that everyone has a right to know why we had to push applications back, even though it is only by a few hours.

We know we are usually very adamant about being on time, and in fact we were ready to go on time as usual.  The problem was not on our end.

Over the course of the last year, Linden Lab has changed how cashouts work.  Last year, we were able to send the money directly from our WGF alt to SOPHIE. We can no longer do that. Linden Lab rules require that you control the paypal account you send money to, a rule that did not exist at this time last year.

Several weeks ago, we asked Linden Lab for an exception to this new rule, because of how we did the cashout last year. It took them a full week to reply (and I had to poke them about it) but we were told by Fan Linden on March 20 that we could not have an exception and that the charity itself would need to create an inworld account with PIOF in order to cash the money out to their account.

We were left with the unenviable choices of a) getting the charity to do this, and/or b) for one of us (this means most likely me) to run the charity money through my personal paypal account and then on to SOPHIE.  Given the amount of money we raise for the charity, the latter wasn’t going to be possible (for several reasons, not the least of which is the very real risk of my paypal account pinging a fraud alarm and getting jacked for 30 days while they investigate my transferring an amount so large.)

This left us with only the former option- try and get SOPHIE to create their own inworld account.  We explained this to them on March 20 and were told on that day they would fix the problem.  We told them we needed it sorted by April 1, as that’s when applications were set to open.

As of yesterday, that account did not exist, forcing us to hold up applications for 24 hours until we definitively knew for whom the money would be raised – because if SOPHIE missed that April 1 deadline we would have no choice but to find another beneficiary for the money.

Earlier today, SOPHIE set up the account they needed in order for us to proceed.  The org team apologizes for the delay, and WGF 2014 applications for those people NOT already in the Cursed Events group will be accepted at midnight. Those in the group (guys, I can tell the difference, okay?) are open now.  Any app that hits my desk early will be tossed and you will need to reapply.  If you’re not in the Cursed Events group *right now*, wait until midnight SLT.  We have 100 slots. Believe me, we’ll have room at midnight. Everyone chill out.

Thanks a lot for your patience. In the meantime, this change at Linden Lab has forced us to change our event FAQ.  PLEASE READ IT. The changes for 2014 are important.

Thanks again.





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