All sponsor slots are GONE.

Just a note- all sponsor slots for WGF 2014 are gone, across all three sims. We have a small number of merchant slots left.  Please check our merchant list for the current status of applications and slots available.

Blogger applications are still open too. 🙂

Also, there’s been quite a few updates to the list of bands for whom we (as in the Org team, working through Gothika) has licenses to produce merchandise for.  We are still trying to reach about 20 bands, but as I’ve said many times now, a lot of people are on tour. We’re doing our best to get ahold of everyone.

Blogger Applications Are Now Open!

It’s the season to be gothy, and such things. Also stuff. Blogger applications for World Goth Fair 2014 are now open!

Things to note and/or to remember, these are the same things every time:

– Send in the application even if you’re in the Cursed Events group already.

– If you have blogger related questions, contact Sonya Marmurek. The other organizers will just send you right that way, so going straight to Sonya spares some time for everybody.

– Only the accepted bloggers will be contacted.

Please read the FAQ before applying, you can find both the info and the application right here: Come join us, o bloggers of gothy goodness!

Applications are CURRENT ( for the moment.)

I just plowed through the remaining applications. Check your email. We did not take every application we received, but anyone I had outstanding to contact, I did contact.

If SL ate your group invite, just ping me and I’ll re-send one.

I have not updated the merchant list yet. I will do that after I return home tonight.

Here’s where we stand:

ALL sponsor slots on Cursed are SOLD OUT.

ALL sponsor slots on Sium are SOLD OUT.

I have 2 sponsor slots remaining on Port Seraphine (please don’t ask for them if you’re selling skins- the spots are useless to you as it’s a G rated sim.)

There are 3 merchant slots on Cursed- they are being held for people who a) sell skins. or b) sell adult items. or c) are people we hold Cursed slots for (long standing WGF/Cursed events gothshops.)  But there are only three. Seriously.  I promise.

There are 7 merchant slots left on Sium.

There are about 15ish (I haven’t fully counted) slots left on Port Seraphine, give or take.

If you don’t have a preference and aren’t selling skins, we’ll probably put you on PS because we have the most room there.  I will update the merchant list to reflect this later this evening.


application/acceptance update.

As of now:

All sponsor slots on Cursed are sold out.

All sponsor slots on Sium are sold out.

There are a limited number of sponsor slots left on Port Seraphine.

I have 12 applications that need things.  11 of them need decisions, and 1 needs processing.

There are fewer than 5 open merchant slots on Cursed. There’s about 8 on Sium.  I’m not sure how many are left on Port Seraphine yet.

more info as I have it.


Current status on acceptances.

As of right now, approximately 50 acceptance emails have gone out.  I have processed all applications in the queue, and I have 25 applications left to work through for acceptance or not.

Some important info: All sponsor slots on Cursed are GONE.  Absolutely GONE.

All sponsor slots on Sium are also gone- the question at this point is who is getting the last one that even “technically” exists.  We had WAY more people than we had room for ask for sponsor slots on Cursed. I even moved one of my own stores to Sium to try to accommodate an additional request.  There is *technically* a slot, but it is taken- I just don’t know who HAS it yet. I’m waiting to hear back from someone who asked for a Cursed slot early on, but didn’t get it, to see if they want to jump sims. If they want it, it’s theirs first.  If not, it will go to someone else.

The point of that ramble is that if you’re applying from this point on for a sponsor slot, the ONLY sim we have available for it is Port Seraphine. Just be aware of that when you apply.

As I said, I have 25 spreadsheet entries to clear.  I do not know if all 25 applications will be approved yet.  I will be working more on this tonight and should be current at some point tomorrow either way.

We have room for 100 booths total for this year’s WGF (35 on Cursed, 30 on Sium, and 35 on Port Seraphine) so regardless, we do still have available slots, though depending on which sim it is, they may be a little limited.

one way or another, posters and standees are going out tomorrow night at the *absolute* latest.



Acceptance emails have begun to go out.

I’ve sent out the first 30 acceptance emails.  I am still waiting on signs/standees but Lokii assures me she is working on it and I should have them within 24 hours. The current holdup is a couple of sponsorship questions that need answering. I will start up again as soon as I have the answers I need.  Shouldn’t take long.

As of now we have about 30 spaces remaining (for all three sims put together.)  The vast majority of those are on Sium and Port Seraphine. Cursed has about three merchant slots remaining(this includes everyone who asked to be on Cursed, not just the ones who have gotten their emails already).  Sponsor slots are *definitely* sold out on Cursed (GONE.).  I will know what the sponsor status is for Sium shortly. There are still sponsor slots available on Port Seraphine.

More info as I have it.





Applications: Where we’re at.

I am up to date with the spreadsheet of doom.  Currently we’re sitting at 71 applications. Most of them have already been accepted- there’s a couple stores I need to check that are new to me. But the bottom line is that we still have room for people to apply. If we only use two sims, we cap out at 75.  If we go to three sims, we have room for 100. I’ll accept applications from merchants through April 30 or when we sell out, whichever comes first.

I have 2 apps here that didn’t come in with a logo.  Seriously. I need that logo.

As soon as Lokii gives me posters and standees I’ll begin sending them out along with acceptance emails.  Sponsors will get notified first, just because of how the spreadsheet is organized.  No one send any money til they get that email, ok? And remember to ONLY send it to the charity alt as listed in the email. (Don’t send it to me I won’t realize you’ve done it.)

Soon as I get signs dropped on me, I’ll start emailing.

Another applications update.

Hi gang.

I forgot I had a concert ticket last night (and I got hit in the head with a drumstick- long story.) Anyway, Im still working on applications. Right now I have over 70 here, so in theory we still have room.  I can tell you all sponsor slots on Cursed are SOLD OUT.

Working on it. I should be caught up with spreadsheet madness tonight and start sending stuff out.  Im still missing some logos- Ive contacted people who didnt send them, but I *cannot* send out an acceptance email unless and until I have a logo.  No exceptions.

Also, I can confirm that Ad.Ver.Sary, Antigen Shift, Calling All Astronauts, and Panic Lift (yes! Panic Lift!)are confirmed for WGF as well.  In addition, Jairus Khan of Ad.Ver.Sary will be doing a guest DJ slot at the Gothika Mobile Unit. Time TBA, but it will be around May 30.


Applications update.

So far, I’ve processed 37 applications of the 65 on my desk (again, we have room, so if you meant to apply, please go ahead and do so.) If you’re waiting, please don’t freak out- I haven’t had to deny any yet.  However not everyone who wanted a sponsor slot will get one (because a lot of people want them, same as every other year.)

As predicted I should clear the backlog on Sunday.  Everyone stay frosty. I should also have posters, etc. by then so people will start getting their stuff.

On the band front- slowly (it’s always slowly, and requires a lot of poking with sticks) we’re getting band replies.  So far I can tell everyone that You Shriek, Caustic, XP8 (thank you, Marco) and Pretentious, Moi are all confirmed for this year. We have verbal confirmation from the Cruxshadows (I got that from Rogue out of his own face back in September, but I need his written license.), so you can consider that a go- it’s just the paperwork at this point. Bands always come in slowly- it’s a manual process that requires the org team to actually go back and forth a lot, so please be patient.