…And received.

We actually knew about this yesterday, as we got verbal confirmation from SOPHIE at that time, but we were waiting on a screencap to release the news.

They have the money.  This comes directly from them:


SOPHIE receipt

That’s WGF2013 done, folks. Thank you everyone, again.  We’re more amazed than anyone.  We will be opening apps for next year’s WGF on March 15, right here.  We do not know at this time whether or not we’ll have a third sim, it depends on demand. We’ll let you know when we know.

But since I have your attention….

Our next event is a one night only event  this Saturday.  It’s time for Oopskate, and you can read about that (and it’s awesome orangeness) here. So please  come join us this Saturday- it’s for a really, really good cause.



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