Money in Motion.

As promised, I’ve put the proceeds of WGF2013 in motion as of 9am EST. 

Cruel Britannia contacted SOPHIE this morning.  In the end, it was crucial that we have someone on the far side looking out for the money.  Paypal never got back to me regarding my question about the potential jacking of MY account whilst trying to process this money, so I wanted to send it directly from the charity alt to SOPHIE without it hitting my account at all.

We did get confirmation from Stacey at the Sophie Lancaster Foundation, and she is looking out for it on the far side. She has promised to let us know and provide a receipt once it arrives.  However, to show that it has in fact GONE to SOPHIE:



And now, the endless waiting game on Lindex, but it’s left our hands, and is on its way to SOPHIE. 


Again, thank you everyone- as soon as we know it has arrived with them, we will tell you. 





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