…And received.

We actually knew about this yesterday, as we got verbal confirmation from SOPHIE at that time, but we were waiting on a screencap to release the news.

They have the money.  This comes directly from them:


SOPHIE receipt

That’s WGF2013 done, folks. Thank you everyone, again.  We’re more amazed than anyone.  We will be opening apps for next year’s WGF on March 15, right here.  We do not know at this time whether or not we’ll have a third sim, it depends on demand. We’ll let you know when we know.

But since I have your attention….

Our next event is a one night only event  this Saturday.  It’s time for Oopskate, and you can read about that (and it’s awesome orangeness) here. So please  come join us this Saturday- it’s for a really, really good cause.


Money in Motion.

As promised, I’ve put the proceeds of WGF2013 in motion as of 9am EST. 

Cruel Britannia contacted SOPHIE this morning.  In the end, it was crucial that we have someone on the far side looking out for the money.  Paypal never got back to me regarding my question about the potential jacking of MY account whilst trying to process this money, so I wanted to send it directly from the charity alt to SOPHIE without it hitting my account at all.

We did get confirmation from Stacey at the Sophie Lancaster Foundation, and she is looking out for it on the far side. She has promised to let us know and provide a receipt once it arrives.  However, to show that it has in fact GONE to SOPHIE:



And now, the endless waiting game on Lindex, but it’s left our hands, and is on its way to SOPHIE. 


Again, thank you everyone- as soon as we know it has arrived with them, we will tell you. 




WGF 2013 – The totals.

World Goth Fair 2013 has officially closed.   Cursed is closed to the general public to facilitate cleanup, and Port Seraphine should be back to normal by Monday morning.  Both sims are about to go under rebuild anyway so this is a convenient bit of timing.

I’ve been sitting here wondering what all to say.  I genuinely thought we’d make about 300K lindens, and all go home til winter. I never expected the response we got, and thank you seems inadequate.  Everyone pulled their weight on this one- the org team, the merchants, the bloggers, the Gothika staff, the bands, and the shoppers, and this mutually supportive system brought forth far more than any of us ever expected or dreamed.

Again, I can only say thank you to everyone.  It seems inadequate, but it’s all I’ve got. (this might also be why I shouldn’t be the one writing blog posts, but whatever.)

The official total as of right now is:


That translates to:



2084 band shirts were sold, bringing in 83,360L (I mention this, because the bands want to know, and frankly so did we- I could see the transactions in real time because they went through my account but couldn’t get a total until we closed.)

That’s a lot of money, folks.

The next step is getting it OUT and to the charity.  I need to figure out if it’s best to do what I did last year and run it through my account (I’ve now contacted paypal twice- they say they’re grateful for the heads up but aren’t giving me any info or assurances that they won’t jack my account for 30 days if I transfer almost 4k out of it in one shot) or I should try to send the money directly to the SOPHIE paypal account as a cashout through Lindex directly from the charity alt.  I’ll have an answer on that on Monday, when I set the money in motion, and I will update everyone with screencaps, etc. so that they can be assured the money went exactly where it’s supposed to.  Since it’s a weekend there’s not a lot I can do to sort this out, so the money will stay where it is until Monday morning.

Again, I can’t thank everyone enough for coming together like this.  I’ve been approached about adding another sim next year. The answer is “maybe.”, depending on whether or not we think we can sell it out.  If so, we already have a builder and an org team addition standing by to help with the workload.

And since I haven’t yet(and this is an amazing shot), I’m going to drop a photo taken by our own blogger coordinator and all around bunny, Sonya Marmurek,  from the WGF Flickr pool.

Falling Into The Sky, by Sonya Marmurek.

Everyone who was involved with this event was amazing, no joke. Thank you all.  I’ll update everyone at some point Monday.