The Day 12.5 report.

Sorry folks, I wasn’t feeling very well yesterday.

The last weekend in May is both a 3 day weekend in both the US and the UK.  It’s traditionally a “get out of town” weekend that marks the beginning of the summer, and SL traffic is usually very light.  This year was no exception to that, though Saturday was heavier than I expected.   We’d get small bursts of traffic in between some generally quiet times, which is to be fully expected as this year’s fair nears its closing.

(Reminding everyone we’re open for 12 extra hours, since we had to open 12 hours late…)

At this moment the charity account is sitting at $906,849L , which is a bit over $3400USD or 2257GBP.  It’s easily 3 times as much as I had anticipated raising, that’s for sure, and again, I can only thank everyone who has participated so far in raising this much money.

I’ve not yet heard back from Paypal. If I don’t hear back from them tomorrow I’ll poke them again. I do know I can’t transfer this money out of SL until I hear back, as I don’t want the money held up in transit, and I definitely don’t want them jacking my paypal account as they do it.  I will keep everyone posted.

By the way, if people are looking for others to trade band shirts with, there’s a trades thread already for that purpose at SLU.  You can find it here:

So there’s about 36 72? hours left in this year’s WGF- there’s still time to grab whatever else it is you wanted to get, or to take photos on either sim.  It’s quieted down a bit, so you should be able to shoot to your heart’s content without being interrupted too much.

Speaking of, this comes from the WGF Flickr Pool, from Aarya Phantomhive, who looks like she was playing on Port Seraphine. Great shot, Aarya!

Cemetery, by Aarya Phantomhive

I hope everyone had a terrific weekend (and stayed out of the sun, which honestly we didn’t get in NYC much, it was kind of cold and grey- lovely goth weather, though.) and pretty soon I should have a total for everyone.  🙂


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