The Day 9.5 Report.

So far, so good.

This morning, I contacted Linden Lab about upping my trading limits. It occurred to me that WGF has raised so much money this year I didn’t actually have a way of getting it all out in one shot. I didn’t expect a response right away, but to my surprise, when I awoke this evening, I found that the request to up the limits had been granted and it seems like now there will be no problem moving the money out of SL.

All that being said, I will make sure the Lab knows about the transfer in advance.  I have not yet heard back from the folks at Paypal, though this is a holiday weekend in the US which might delay a response by a couple of days. Basically I asked them for their procedural guidelines as to how to move this amount directly to SOPHIE with the least amount of hassle (or a tripping of any automatic fraud protection, which would hold up the transfer by 30 days, and probably jack my paypal account in the process.) I did get an initial reply to the query, basically telling me to hang tight and wait for further instructions, so that’s what I’m doing.

I’ve started to slowly unpack some of the stuff I bought at WGF and I must say the quality of everything I’ve seen so far has been excellent.  People went all out to make wonderful stuff and I couldn’t be more grateful.

In band news, several people have asked me about getting Panic Lift to sign on for next year’s WGF. I have a friend who is friends with one of the guys in Panic Lift, and I’ve sent them an email about it. Right now, they’re at Kinetik in Montreal, so I don’t expect to hear back until next week at the soonest.  If you have a band you want us to contact for WGF 2014, please let me. Loki or Cruel Britannia know.  All we can do is try.  But you need to know this- the larger the band, the harder it is. NOT because we can’t get in touch with them. We can. Really.  The problem is that larger bands who are on major labels do not *own* the merchandising rights to their logos and artwork outright. It’s shared with the record label, who own a substantial chunk of the merch rights.  It becomes a giant legal nightmare to grant us a license, and it’s not something the band can do easily without going through a record label legal department. (This, by the way, is why we didn’t ask The Cure, in case anyone was wondering.  It had nothing to do with not being able to reach them. We could have done that. We just knew there was no point in bothering.)

But speaking of bands, I’m going to feature this super sharp photo by Sileny Noel today, sporting her (desperately wanted) Cruxshadows shirt.  (She squeed. She really did.)

deception_001, by Sileny Noel

Because goodness knows it’s come up so often lately.. Folks, if you have a licensed thing you want to sell at an event? Tell the org team you have a license. Show it to them.  They’ll be relieved like you would not believe. Market it as licensed. Put that word out in giant huge blinging letters if you have to- but don’t keep it a secret. Licensed content deserves to be promoted, not hidden.  Tell people (especially your org team).  I promise you, the org team will be the first to announce it to anyone who will stand still long enough.

I had the first of many meetings today with Nephi about potential stuff for next year’s WGF today. Looks like more events, some guest DJs, live music and potentially some cool contests.  If you have any suggestions? Let us know!

Oh and since you’re wondering, the charity account is currently sitting at $847.402L, which translates to $3177.70USD, or 2094.59GBP.

Because we opened 12 hours later than planned due to LL breaking the grid, we will be closing 12 hours later, at noon on June 1. I’d forgotten to mention that previously.  So we still have until noon SL time to see how much we can all throw in for SOPHIE.  🙂 Really though, this is far more than any of us ever expected, and we can’t say thank you enough. But thank you.

More tomorrow.


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