Another World Goth Day hits the books. (AKA, the day.. uh whatever this is report.)

That was nuts.  (I’ll add a photo as soon as one hits the pool- I didnt get any. I was afraid to move my camera.)  ETA: Kostika saves the day-  she got one during Cruel Britannia’s set.  24 people in the image, there were 50 on the stream.

Marathon DJing, by Kostika

7 sets, 14 hours.  A HUGE amount of prizes- so much so I had to keep a physical list to keep track of them all.  No major problems.  Cruel Britannia redlined the stream at 50 (remind me to up the stream next year.) and people kept throwing money at the SOPHIE tips jars.  We got pop in visits from band members and poor Lokii was at the mobile unit for HOURS while I grabbed a last minute nap.

Thank you to everyone who worked the event, the ENDLESS merchants and bands who donated prizes (wtf, that was NUTS)   and of course all the people who showed up.  Our day 6.5 total is curently L$719,624 which translates to $2698.54USD or 1795.20GBP.

Wow.  Thank you all so much, again.


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