The Day Four and a Half Report.

Because frankly, I was asleep at noon, SLT.

The big news of the day was the Tiny Invasion. And boy did they invade. We had 68 people on Cursed. I learned two things. Tinies are very loud, and they are very generous. They filled a charity tip jar with almost 10,000L in the space of 90 minutes for the Sophie Lancaster Foundation. I only got one photo, though I know other people got more- as soon as I have them to show you I will. But this is the shot I took:

tiny invasion_001

Ely got a shot of me and Cruel Britannia that was pretty cute too:


Oh and here’s one more, courtesy of DevinVaughn.

The Tiny Invasion of Cursed.

I’d consider this a success all the way around. I’d like to thank Alexis Radikal and all the tinies who came down to spend time with us at WGF and please by all means we need to do this again next year. That was adorable.

So that brings the day four and a half total to…..563,710L. For those who need a translation into real money, that’s $2113USD or £1390.5GBP. And we’re not even halfway through the fair yet.

World Goth Day approaches, and tomorrow I will work on the prize list for all the sets we’ll have at the Gothika Mobile Unit.

Once again thank you. The org team are stunned at the response and we can’t thank you all enough for your generosity.


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