The Day Five Report

Also known as: The morning people found the band shirt gachas.

We may have invented currency, folks. The trading is fierce on the secondary market. Apparently the shirts are a hit and we couldn’t be more pleased. Apparently people are even trying to win shirts *of their own band*.

This morning I noticed that JP Shea from the Jesus Cleaver was at the machines on Cursed. He also may or may not have been dressed as a giant grey bunny, but that’s not as funny as what happened next, when three women snuck up behind him wearing Jesus Cleaver tshirts. He didn’t know they were there. He was too busy trying to get a box detached from his hand (hey. I *still* do that.)

Before the box got attached.

I think his computer crashed not long after that, but he came back and made friends with his cheerleaders, all of whom thought he was utterly charming. Happy endings all around, but last I heard Ely Hynes was still ready to sell her soul for a You Shriek shirt. Razi, this is what happens when you land on people.

This morning’s madness helped bring our five day total to…..
603,435L, which converted comes to: $2263.07USD or 1486.66GBP. Wow. All we can say really is thank you but we’ll keep saying it – thank you.

Oh, and I bought the and domains and I’ll set up a redirect for those here. Figured it was time.

I’ll be spending tonight sorting out World Goth Day prize packages, so more info on that soon. And if you have an extra You Shriek shirt, please contact Ely Hynes before she explodes.

Today’s photo from our flickr pool is is from Shyariel Teardrop, who’s decided to be a wonderful dark marionette.

Master of the Puppets, by Shyariel Teardrop-Congrejo

Tonight there’s two sets at the Gothika Mobile Unit – one at 8pm and one at 10pm PST. There MIGHT be a set at 2pm PST- I don’t know if Ace is back from Wave Gotik Treffen or not. I guess I’ll find out in an hour. In the meantime, I still have the stream.

More tomorrow!


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