The Day Three Report.

Although we won’t be MOTD on Firestorm again until  World Goth Day (May 22) people continued to pour in to both locations of WGF.  The Tiny Bit Radikal bunny suits were put back out after fixing a permissions error, and rumors tell me that there is a tiny invasion of Cursed in the works.  I’m preferring to think of it as The Invasion of the Fluffy Bunnies.

As of noon SLT today we’ve raised 460,849L and counting for the Sophie Lancaster Foundation – far more than any of the org. team expected or imagined and we’re thrilled with how people have come down to support the fair and its charity.  We’re really thankful (and amazed) by everyone’s generosity of spirit.

Band shirts will definitely be out today (I have to finish the mens poster, which Im about to start now) and tomorrow I’ll start listing the prizes that have been donated for World Goth Day.

Today’s photo from our flickr pool (which you should look at and post to, have I mentioned?)  is from Wise Sandalwood, who’s getting her doll on.


Goth Fair 1 by Wise Sandalwood



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