The Day Two Report.

Nothing exploded.

We got a last minute addition by Tiny Bit Radikal on Port Seraphine (the owner of the shop knew Sophie Lancaster personally), Band shirts are still coming- I am working on the Great Permissioning.

Alice Project is coming- she had a week long internet outage. Post Mortum promises to be in by Sunday. . Post Mortum is going in as I type this. Her Majesty is coming too. (RL issue.)

And our total for day two is…. 388, 058 Linden, or $1455USD or 961GBP.

Lokii has promised to wear pink for a day if we raise one million Linden. Can we do it?

Actually a bunch of people are now promising to wear pink for a day if we hit one million linden. So keep shopping if you want to see the Freakkitteh herself get pinked.

Also, CHECK OUT THIS PHOTO! Isn’t this awesome? The skin is from Fallen Gods (the booth is on Cursed) and I found this in our flickr photo pool (which you should look at and add to.)

Water Cleanse me, by Corvus Szpiegel


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