The Day One Report.

…after the usual last minute explosions…..

We finally did open. And then I went to bed, because that needed to happen.


Somehow I had it in my head that last year’s WGF had raised 280KL. Im not sure why, but I did. As it turns out that’s not correct. Look: This is last year’s receipt. As you can see, the total was just over 224K.

This is current as of 2:45PM SLT today (2 hours and 45 minutes past day one.)

I know we went past 224K within the first *12 hours*. By the time my set was done at midnight last night we were over 225K. I can’t thank everyone enough, you’ve all been so supportive. But we have 13 more days to go (AND WORLD GOTH DAY) and I know we can together, raise a fantastic amount for SOPHIE. (and you know, buy a whole bunch of cool stuff. Because stuff. Also, things.)

🙂 Thank you. ❤

And because we need a pretty picture, I grabbed this from our Flickr pool. So here, have one.


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