WGF Port Seraphine

Port Seraphine is the moderate sim of WGF, the fair section set up in the air just like Cursed has. The landing point is the cemetery in the middle and you can head to four different directions from there.ps1The longest section leads you toward the Gacha Abbey, the path taking you behind and around it and then returning. The separate gacha areas in both sims cater conveniently to everyone’s gacha addiction: no need to run between the booths.ps2The exact opposite side of the cemetery has a fountain that also works as a donation jar for S.O.P.H.I.E. There are plenty of donation jars around the sims, but the fountains in each provide a more fitting atmosphere and feeling to them.ps3The sponsor booths are around this section, surrounding the cemetery. The other stores fill the rest of the section toward the Gacha Abbey and the two shorter paths from the cemetery to the sides. You can check out where each shop is from this handy WGF Port Seraphine booth map.


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