WGF Cursed

Cursed is the adult rated WGF sim, currently located in the air for the fair. It’s been transformed into a twisted, dark playground with a looming ferris wheel of doom dominating the scene.cursed2Right next to the ferris wheel is the gacha carousel area and in front of it are the ruins that will host Club Gothika for the fair. Gothika is the whole fair’s headquarters and will run according to its normal party schedule during the fair. Except for the May 22nd: mark your calendars for a party of 14 hours! This should help you get your goth on! cursed1Behind Gothika is the Gothika Abbey, which will hold the special WGF merchandize like the especially and officially licensed band shirt gachas in addition to extra items by sponsoring stores. Speaking of stores, you can walk around the whole area in one big circle and visit them all. As simple as following the path. If you wish to see which shop is where, you can check out this Cursed booth map that also shows the sim from above. cursed6The sponsor booths are located around the main square, separated from the rest of the sim by a river and three bridges. The bridges on the sides lead to the path that goes around the sim, the bridge in the middle takes you to Gothika, Gothika Abbey, Gacha Carousel and the ferris wheel.cursed4In the middle of the main square is a wishing well that also works as a tip jar for S.O.P.H.I.E. Donate and get your wish at the same time!

This year’s Gothika build is from *~by Nacht and the whole sim is skilfully cobbled together by Lokii Violet.


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