Crunch time- the building begins.

Building has begun.

the building begins_001a

We know merchants are anxious for a map, and a booth mockup.  Lokii and Nephi assure me those are both coming. (ok, the maps will likely come to me and I’ll have to fill them in, but they’re still coming.)

What some people have heard, and others haven’t yet is that Cruel Britannia and I have been calling on a TON of bands in the past several days (we have more to contact still) and asking for express, written permission to use their logos in order to sell licensed merch at Gothika – all proceeds to go to the Sophie Lancaster Foundation.

If you’ve spent any time in SL at all, you know that band merch is easy to find. You also know that the percentage of it actually licensed is a number approaching zero.  All merchandise that will be sold at WGF from Gothika is licensed, with an express, written license on file.  So you can feel confident about buying those items- we have permission from every single band, and we can prove it, too.

I’ll post a list of bands we have so far as soon as I can collate one (I’m a little buried at the moment.) .

By the way if you’re in a band who wants to offer up your logo to help us with WGF, just find me on twitter @DJBronxelf or if you’re one of those Facebook people, go find Cruel Britannia there.

We’re also looking for prizes for World Goth Day itself- info about that can be found here:

If you’ve filled out the form and haven’t heard back from me yet, please don’t worry. I probably won’t get the chance to get back to people until after the fair opens- WGD itself is May 22 so I need to get through opening first.

In the meantime, everyone get back to work!



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