The Day 12.5 report.

Sorry folks, I wasn’t feeling very well yesterday.

The last weekend in May is both a 3 day weekend in both the US and the UK.  It’s traditionally a “get out of town” weekend that marks the beginning of the summer, and SL traffic is usually very light.  This year was no exception to that, though Saturday was heavier than I expected.   We’d get small bursts of traffic in between some generally quiet times, which is to be fully expected as this year’s fair nears its closing.

(Reminding everyone we’re open for 12 extra hours, since we had to open 12 hours late…)

At this moment the charity account is sitting at $906,849L , which is a bit over $3400USD or 2257GBP.  It’s easily 3 times as much as I had anticipated raising, that’s for sure, and again, I can only thank everyone who has participated so far in raising this much money.

I’ve not yet heard back from Paypal. If I don’t hear back from them tomorrow I’ll poke them again. I do know I can’t transfer this money out of SL until I hear back, as I don’t want the money held up in transit, and I definitely don’t want them jacking my paypal account as they do it.  I will keep everyone posted.

By the way, if people are looking for others to trade band shirts with, there’s a trades thread already for that purpose at SLU.  You can find it here:

So there’s about 36 72? hours left in this year’s WGF- there’s still time to grab whatever else it is you wanted to get, or to take photos on either sim.  It’s quieted down a bit, so you should be able to shoot to your heart’s content without being interrupted too much.

Speaking of, this comes from the WGF Flickr Pool, from Aarya Phantomhive, who looks like she was playing on Port Seraphine. Great shot, Aarya!

Cemetery, by Aarya Phantomhive

I hope everyone had a terrific weekend (and stayed out of the sun, which honestly we didn’t get in NYC much, it was kind of cold and grey- lovely goth weather, though.) and pretty soon I should have a total for everyone.  🙂


The Day 9.5 Report.

So far, so good.

This morning, I contacted Linden Lab about upping my trading limits. It occurred to me that WGF has raised so much money this year I didn’t actually have a way of getting it all out in one shot. I didn’t expect a response right away, but to my surprise, when I awoke this evening, I found that the request to up the limits had been granted and it seems like now there will be no problem moving the money out of SL.

All that being said, I will make sure the Lab knows about the transfer in advance.  I have not yet heard back from the folks at Paypal, though this is a holiday weekend in the US which might delay a response by a couple of days. Basically I asked them for their procedural guidelines as to how to move this amount directly to SOPHIE with the least amount of hassle (or a tripping of any automatic fraud protection, which would hold up the transfer by 30 days, and probably jack my paypal account in the process.) I did get an initial reply to the query, basically telling me to hang tight and wait for further instructions, so that’s what I’m doing.

I’ve started to slowly unpack some of the stuff I bought at WGF and I must say the quality of everything I’ve seen so far has been excellent.  People went all out to make wonderful stuff and I couldn’t be more grateful.

In band news, several people have asked me about getting Panic Lift to sign on for next year’s WGF. I have a friend who is friends with one of the guys in Panic Lift, and I’ve sent them an email about it. Right now, they’re at Kinetik in Montreal, so I don’t expect to hear back until next week at the soonest.  If you have a band you want us to contact for WGF 2014, please let me. Loki or Cruel Britannia know.  All we can do is try.  But you need to know this- the larger the band, the harder it is. NOT because we can’t get in touch with them. We can. Really.  The problem is that larger bands who are on major labels do not *own* the merchandising rights to their logos and artwork outright. It’s shared with the record label, who own a substantial chunk of the merch rights.  It becomes a giant legal nightmare to grant us a license, and it’s not something the band can do easily without going through a record label legal department. (This, by the way, is why we didn’t ask The Cure, in case anyone was wondering.  It had nothing to do with not being able to reach them. We could have done that. We just knew there was no point in bothering.)

But speaking of bands, I’m going to feature this super sharp photo by Sileny Noel today, sporting her (desperately wanted) Cruxshadows shirt.  (She squeed. She really did.)

deception_001, by Sileny Noel

Because goodness knows it’s come up so often lately.. Folks, if you have a licensed thing you want to sell at an event? Tell the org team you have a license. Show it to them.  They’ll be relieved like you would not believe. Market it as licensed. Put that word out in giant huge blinging letters if you have to- but don’t keep it a secret. Licensed content deserves to be promoted, not hidden.  Tell people (especially your org team).  I promise you, the org team will be the first to announce it to anyone who will stand still long enough.

I had the first of many meetings today with Nephi about potential stuff for next year’s WGF today. Looks like more events, some guest DJs, live music and potentially some cool contests.  If you have any suggestions? Let us know!

Oh and since you’re wondering, the charity account is currently sitting at $847.402L, which translates to $3177.70USD, or 2094.59GBP.

Because we opened 12 hours later than planned due to LL breaking the grid, we will be closing 12 hours later, at noon on June 1. I’d forgotten to mention that previously.  So we still have until noon SL time to see how much we can all throw in for SOPHIE.  🙂 Really though, this is far more than any of us ever expected, and we can’t say thank you enough. But thank you.

More tomorrow.

The Day 8 Report.

Ok. Day 8 and a few hours.

With World Goth Day itself out of the way (I’m still tired.) we’re now into our second week at WGF.  I’ve even managed to sleep more than 2 hours in a row (I know, I can’t believe it either.)

If anyone missed it, Cruel Britannia has posted two of his sets already (mine will be late, Im like, a month behind right now on posting mine) .  But if you want them:

Cruel Britannia’s World Goth Day Set.

Cruel Britannia’s After Hours at Club Gothika 5/23/13

The fair itself is continuing to defy any expectations we had for it.  People are still shopping, hanging out. and coming out to listen to music.  We’ve had band members already sign on to do live events next year (though we’ll take more… why yes, Razi I am staring at you, how kind of you to notice…) And we’ve already got ideas on the table for stuff to do next year.

The band shirt gacha continues to be insane.  I can’t wait to see how many we sold in the end.  The hot ticket seems to be the You Shriek shirt, which has people scrambling to get it, trade it, sell body parts and their soul to obtain it…  If you got one I suggest running quickly before the hordes find you.  I actually sent Razi Panic (the frontman for You Shriek) a note about this last night, it had gotten so out of hand.  He, as always, is quietly bemused.

Quietly bemused or not, everything Razi touches turns to awesome (the same can be said for Cellmod, I might add.) so here’s a video:

What I’m finding really cool are people are winning shirts from bands they don’t know, and then going and looking them up on youtube, vimeo and  That’s *really* cool, and we’re so pleased we could bring new music to everyone.

So we’re headed into our second weekend, and still going strong.   The flickr pool continues to get great shots also- here’s one from there:

WGF 1 – Adoness la petit morte2, by Isabelli Anatine

So with 8 days and some hours in, we’ve reached a new milestone.  L$800,104 (or for those who prefer a conversion, $3000.34USD or 1982.33GBP.

We have five days to go left in WGF2013, and we can’t thank everyone often enough for their support. So once again, thank you. I’ve proactively contacted Paypal to deal directly with them in getting the money to SOPHIE without any hassles.  The money had just gotten to be so much I was afraid Paypal would put a hold on it in transit. They have advised me they will get back to me soon, and I’ll tell everyone what they say.

Meantime, thank you all so much again and more updates tomorrow(ish.)

Another World Goth Day hits the books. (AKA, the day.. uh whatever this is report.)

That was nuts.  (I’ll add a photo as soon as one hits the pool- I didnt get any. I was afraid to move my camera.)  ETA: Kostika saves the day-  she got one during Cruel Britannia’s set.  24 people in the image, there were 50 on the stream.

Marathon DJing, by Kostika

7 sets, 14 hours.  A HUGE amount of prizes- so much so I had to keep a physical list to keep track of them all.  No major problems.  Cruel Britannia redlined the stream at 50 (remind me to up the stream next year.) and people kept throwing money at the SOPHIE tips jars.  We got pop in visits from band members and poor Lokii was at the mobile unit for HOURS while I grabbed a last minute nap.

Thank you to everyone who worked the event, the ENDLESS merchants and bands who donated prizes (wtf, that was NUTS)   and of course all the people who showed up.  Our day 6.5 total is curently L$719,624 which translates to $2698.54USD or 1795.20GBP.

Wow.  Thank you all so much, again.


Today’s the day.  Everyone gets to go dark.

Links to both Fair sims: – WGF Cursed – WGF Port Seraphine

Today is World Goth Day.  To celebrate, the Club Gothika Mobile Unit is hosting 14 straight hours of music.  7 sets, 7 DJs, 7 winner take all contests, with an absolute BOATLOAD of prizes in each box.  To get all the details of what sort of goodies are in the boxes check here.

ALL money collected today at Gothika goes to the Sophie Lancaster Foundation.


In the meantime if you want to tune in to the stream, you can find it here:

That link will open the .pls file which will allow you to listen in winamp or itunes or whatever it is you use.

And don’t forget to grab those band shirts. Once the fair ends, they are GONE.

Get your goth on, gang.


Prizes for World Goth Day!

(wow this took forever.  I can see Im spending my whole day collecting and boxing prizes…)


If you want to get in on the prize action, act quick… I need to know asap!

The Day Five Report

Also known as: The morning people found the band shirt gachas.

We may have invented currency, folks. The trading is fierce on the secondary market. Apparently the shirts are a hit and we couldn’t be more pleased. Apparently people are even trying to win shirts *of their own band*.

This morning I noticed that JP Shea from the Jesus Cleaver was at the machines on Cursed. He also may or may not have been dressed as a giant grey bunny, but that’s not as funny as what happened next, when three women snuck up behind him wearing Jesus Cleaver tshirts. He didn’t know they were there. He was too busy trying to get a box detached from his hand (hey. I *still* do that.)

Before the box got attached.

I think his computer crashed not long after that, but he came back and made friends with his cheerleaders, all of whom thought he was utterly charming. Happy endings all around, but last I heard Ely Hynes was still ready to sell her soul for a You Shriek shirt. Razi, this is what happens when you land on people.

This morning’s madness helped bring our five day total to…..
603,435L, which converted comes to: $2263.07USD or 1486.66GBP. Wow. All we can say really is thank you but we’ll keep saying it – thank you.

Oh, and I bought the and domains and I’ll set up a redirect for those here. Figured it was time.

I’ll be spending tonight sorting out World Goth Day prize packages, so more info on that soon. And if you have an extra You Shriek shirt, please contact Ely Hynes before she explodes.

Today’s photo from our flickr pool is is from Shyariel Teardrop, who’s decided to be a wonderful dark marionette.

Master of the Puppets, by Shyariel Teardrop-Congrejo

Tonight there’s two sets at the Gothika Mobile Unit – one at 8pm and one at 10pm PST. There MIGHT be a set at 2pm PST- I don’t know if Ace is back from Wave Gotik Treffen or not. I guess I’ll find out in an hour. In the meantime, I still have the stream.

More tomorrow!