World Goth Fair 2013 is SOLD OUT.

…no, this is not an April Fool’s post.

The last slot just went. All 75 are gone. What this means is that all apps received past this point will be put on a waiting list and we will be assigning any available slots on April 21. All currently held booths must be paid by April 20. On the 21st, any booth fees not paid will be freed and go to people on the waiting list, or any other merchant that wants to hop on.

So, if you already HAVE a booth slot, make sure your booth fee is in by April 20.
If you want to get in, fill in an app and put your store on the waiting list. We’ll let you know on the 21st.

Other than that, we’re now going to figure out who all is going on which sim so we can balance the prim load, and start working on the blogger list.

Also, yay. 🙂

Thanks everyone! 😀


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