Four open slots remain!

As of right now, there’s four open slots remaining for this year’s World Goth Fair.


We will be maintaining a waiting list, as anyone not paid up for booth fees by April 20 will be removed from the fair (that’s when we have to start working out the logistics of the build.) and I would prefer to have a waiting list handy of people who want to get in right away.

After the four slots fill up we will begin to populate the blogger list. Blogger stuff is largely handled by Sonya Marmurek, as I don’t blog (like that) and she’s far more familiar with that end of things than I am. We do have a separate spreadsheet tab for all the blogger info to date (I got a flood of blogger apps today.) Bloggers accepted to the group pool will be given a group invite to the WGF group, where we will encourage designers to drop review copies of whatever they want to share. It’s really not complicated and it’s all pretty low stress, to be honest.

More tomorrow- hopefully we can sell this bad boy out by then.



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