Only 10 merchant slots remain!

Currently, there are only 10 merchant slots left for this year’s WGF.  We WILL be maintaining a waiting list, because experience has taught me this is a smart move- things *always* happen last minute and you sometimes need someone to be a hero and step in to fill a last minute spot.  As booth fees come in, the merchant page (see handy tab at the top of this page !) gets updated once a day to reflect the day’s transactions. If you’ve just paid your booth fee, wait til the next day to check for your store.

Also, for the love of cute furry animals, please remember to send booth payments to WorldGothDayOfficial Resident and not me.  Honestly, I won’t know they’re there if you send them to me unless I get very lucky.  If you send it to me, I have to send it back to you anyway- the way I check who paid their booth fee is to see who paid the alt in the transaction history and check it against the master list.  If *I* send it to the alt it looks like one of my own booth fees (yes, I actually pay for my own booths just like you do.) So please, please, please- send the booth fees to the correct account.





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