Merchant Poster Packs are current.

As of right now, merchant poster packs and info are current(sorry about the typos. It’s been a lot of cutting and pasting.).  If you gave an email with your application, please check that email for your booth fee invoice.  Merchants will begin appearing on the Merchant List as soon as I’ve checked them off against payment for their booth fees.

The posters/info are in a folder, not an object, called World Goth Fair 2013 MERCHANT poster pack.

Of course, SL is being SL so a LOT of people didn’t get their group invites (even though I sent them all, honest!). Just nudge me for another one and I’ll send it out to you.

And now, for the portion of the post where I say Stern Things:

All booth fees MUST be paid by April 20.

Also, an important note:

If for ANY reason, you must pull out of the fair, tell someone on the organizing team (that’s Axi Kurmin, Dolce Blackflag, Sonya Marmurek, Lokii Violet or CruelBritannia) ASAP.  Sometimes things come up- that’s life, and we completely understand that. Though we cannot refund booth fees (as they go directly to the charity), all we really ask is that you TELL US you can’t make it when YOU know.  Please DO NOT make us have to chase you around for information. Don’t just disappear for weeks on end.  It’s more frustrating than you realize to try to coordinate a large event like this when people are non-responsive.  We have to build the fair custom in response to the merchants we have signed up, so not telling us is a real nightmare, as we then have to scramble last minute to try and fill something in the empty space while we, ourselves are trying to fill our own booths.

As such, if you disappear on us, we won’t give a second chance on it next year. Really.

So to be clear:  If you need to pull out- that’s completely okay(though booth fees are non-refundable as per the application conditions), but if you do that and don’t tell us in a timely manner, we have a problem with that.

We do still have a few spaces left (though I expect them to go very fast once the posters start appearing everywhere.  Current available slots are down to 15, so if you’re going to hop on board the train, now would be a good time!



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