We’re down to three!

As of right now, we only have three open slots left for this year’s World Goth Fair. The merchant list is filling up nicely as people get their booth fees in, and I’m hoping we can get those last three slots filled soon.

Once all the booths are filled we can start assigning those booths whose owners didn’t have a sim preference to a sim. We will be doing this to balance prim load more than anything else, but anyone who had a preference got what they wanted.

Have a great weekend, folks, and if we sell all the booth spaces out, you’ll be the first to know.


Four open slots remain!

As of right now, there’s four open slots remaining for this year’s World Goth Fair.


We will be maintaining a waiting list, as anyone not paid up for booth fees by April 20 will be removed from the fair (that’s when we have to start working out the logistics of the build.) and I would prefer to have a waiting list handy of people who want to get in right away.

After the four slots fill up we will begin to populate the blogger list. Blogger stuff is largely handled by Sonya Marmurek, as I don’t blog (like that) and she’s far more familiar with that end of things than I am. We do have a separate spreadsheet tab for all the blogger info to date (I got a flood of blogger apps today.) Bloggers accepted to the group pool will be given a group invite to the WGF group, where we will encourage designers to drop review copies of whatever they want to share. It’s really not complicated and it’s all pretty low stress, to be honest.

More tomorrow- hopefully we can sell this bad boy out by then.


Only 10 merchant slots remain!

Currently, there are only 10 merchant slots left for this year’s WGF.  We WILL be maintaining a waiting list, because experience has taught me this is a smart move- things *always* happen last minute and you sometimes need someone to be a hero and step in to fill a last minute spot.  As booth fees come in, the merchant page (see handy tab at the top of this page !) gets updated once a day to reflect the day’s transactions. If you’ve just paid your booth fee, wait til the next day to check for your store.

Also, for the love of cute furry animals, please remember to send booth payments to WorldGothDayOfficial Resident and not me.  Honestly, I won’t know they’re there if you send them to me unless I get very lucky.  If you send it to me, I have to send it back to you anyway- the way I check who paid their booth fee is to see who paid the alt in the transaction history and check it against the master list.  If *I* send it to the alt it looks like one of my own booth fees (yes, I actually pay for my own booths just like you do.) So please, please, please- send the booth fees to the correct account.




Merchant Poster Packs are current.

As of right now, merchant poster packs and info are current(sorry about the typos. It’s been a lot of cutting and pasting.).  If you gave an email with your application, please check that email for your booth fee invoice.  Merchants will begin appearing on the Merchant List as soon as I’ve checked them off against payment for their booth fees.

The posters/info are in a folder, not an object, called World Goth Fair 2013 MERCHANT poster pack.

Of course, SL is being SL so a LOT of people didn’t get their group invites (even though I sent them all, honest!). Just nudge me for another one and I’ll send it out to you.

And now, for the portion of the post where I say Stern Things:

All booth fees MUST be paid by April 20.

Also, an important note:

If for ANY reason, you must pull out of the fair, tell someone on the organizing team (that’s Axi Kurmin, Dolce Blackflag, Sonya Marmurek, Lokii Violet or CruelBritannia) ASAP.  Sometimes things come up- that’s life, and we completely understand that. Though we cannot refund booth fees (as they go directly to the charity), all we really ask is that you TELL US you can’t make it when YOU know.  Please DO NOT make us have to chase you around for information. Don’t just disappear for weeks on end.  It’s more frustrating than you realize to try to coordinate a large event like this when people are non-responsive.  We have to build the fair custom in response to the merchants we have signed up, so not telling us is a real nightmare, as we then have to scramble last minute to try and fill something in the empty space while we, ourselves are trying to fill our own booths.

As such, if you disappear on us, we won’t give a second chance on it next year. Really.

So to be clear:  If you need to pull out- that’s completely okay(though booth fees are non-refundable as per the application conditions), but if you do that and don’t tell us in a timely manner, we have a problem with that.

We do still have a few spaces left (though I expect them to go very fast once the posters start appearing everywhere.  Current available slots are down to 15, so if you’re going to hop on board the train, now would be a good time!


All SPONSOR poster packs have been sent out, inworld.

*points to the title of the post*

I’ve just sent out all the sponsor poster packs.  They are in a FOLDER (not an object)  called World Goth Fair 2013 SPONSOR poster pack.  (we all have enough boxes.)

If you didn’t get yours please tell me asap and I will re-send it to you.

I will be sending out merchant packs next. Please be patient.  The merchant packs require I either send an email to each person (which I’m frankly inclined to do, I hate notecards.) in addition to the pack so everyone has their invoice.  But I don’t have everyone’s email (it wasn’t required) so some MUST go out inworld.  This will take me some time.

The standees, by the way are MESH, and only 3LI.  🙂

Ok, back to work.



Today’s update.

As of right now, we’re 2 applications away from being 2/3 full. I expect another big run to happen once the posters go out- I don’t want to have to send out a zillion different packages so Im waiting till all of it is all together.

I’ve updated the sponsor page and the side bar with all the info that’s been sent to me so far.  As more sponsor info comes in, it’ll appear in both places.  Thanks again to all the sponsors who are helping make this event possible.

Again, if any of the sponsors didn’t get their inworld group invites, please let me know and I’ll resend them.

Sponsor acceptance emails have gone out.

I’ve just sent emails to all World Goth Fair sponsors and sent them inworld invites to the World Goth Fair group. If you missed the invite, let me know and I will re-send it to you.  Otherwise, check your email for all the info you need.

Another note- for some reason SL search isn’t finding WorldGothDayOfficial Resident easily, even though the account SHOULD be seen in search (I logged it in tonight to check.)  If you have this problem, just accept the group invite, and you can find the account in the group and grab the profile from there. The account *ABSOLUTELY* exists- I don’t know why SL search is being weird. But it’s there.

I will be working on the sponsor page today. 🙂